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Home Alone…sort of…

Well, all college kids are gone and at their own homes…just our Katie here today. Hilary will be home tomorrow for some auto repair on Monday. Today was the workday at the church – I provided lunch. It was also Kingswoodstock. Katie and Johnny (Gallazelli) sang 4 songs. They did not win, but they got a lot of positive feedback from the judges. Here are some horrible photos – there were two light motion machines going and it really messed with my camera. It looks like they are part of a comic book.

I also have a photo of Lindsey. This was on her blog with the following quotes from some of the kids at her school. Lindsey is on the far right.

“What are you? Tooth fairies?”

“Look! It’s the Spanish princesses!”

“Who are you? The Queen of Spain?”

OK – so the only picture I have of/from Hilary today actually came from Andrew. He is now in D.C. and knows how much she loves this…so he sent the photo to torture her…nice guy…(PS added 6/1…decided I should explain for those not from the South…Cheerwine is non-alcoholic…like a soda, pop, Coke, whatever you call it where you live…also Cheerwine is typically only found in North Carolina…Andrew somehow found some in Virginia, near his apartment…)

Enough with the photos. I did some cleaning now that the kids are gone. I am still having eye and medicine issues. I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and an adverse reaction to the eye drops. I spoke to the Doctor on call who said stop using/taking them and to take Benadryl and Visine A.C. and call my Doctor on Monday. I did that and the Visine felt like acid on my tear ducts…so…I won’t do that again. Hopefully they will squeeze me in at the Doctors on Monday. Until then I have red, swollen eyes…and nice THICK glasses!!!

Hope you had a great day – tomorrow is a big, busy day for us…

What a pain…

I started having pain in my left eye yesterday. I took out my contacts and within a few hours the eye was all gunky (sorry) and I had a horrible headache. I went to bed with an ice pack on my head, but got up at 2 AM to take my “hard” drugs and get a new ice pack. The eye was sealed shut this AM. I went to work, but called for a Doctors appointment. Thank you Lord that I was able to get in this afternoon. Diagnosis: eye and sinus infection! No contacts for 5 days – using eye drops and taking antibiotic. I’d stay home in bed tomorrow to rest, but the 6 campers come home tomorrow AM and will be here all day! I’ll get more rest at school…Well, off to bed with another ice pack.

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you have enjoyed the long weekend and that you made sure to thank a Veteran for their service to our country. This was a crazy weekend for us. Saturday we went to Alex’s graduation party for a little while, then headed back to the house because 4 of Katie’s friends were coming in for the week. Thank goodness for crockpots and my sisters pulled pork BBQ recipe (thanks Melodie). I was able to feed Katie and her friends, plus Hilary was home for the weekend. It was nice to have the “noise” of teenagers/young adults in the house again.

Yesterday afternoon I helped  6 of the kids get their stuff 3 miles up the road to White Lake State Park where they are camping until Wednesday AM. I thought everyone was going home on Wednesday…silly me. Some will be here until Thursday and other until Saturday. Then Hilary returns on Saturday and will stay through Monday AM to get some work done on her car. We took a drive last night to Alton and visited with our friends, Bryce and Barb and 2 of their lovely daughters, Samantha and Shannon…that was nice.

John spent the day working in the yard and also did a little fishing. I washed and waxed cars, cleaned since the “troops” were gone and did laundry. About 2 PM the 2 carloads of kids arrived…camping was great, but they weren’t thrilled about the condition of the pay showers after a full campground had been using them. 2 hours later (and many wii games) they headed out to Diana’s Bath for some hiking. It is supposed to rain tonight and on and off showers tomorrow…fun…fun…fun.

John and I plan to decide on shore excursions for our Alaska trip later tonight. I believe salmon fishing in on the list for him…guess I’ll have to go shopping that day…too bad…

Enjoy the rest of your day!

A Moving Experience…

This morning we took 4th-6th graders to the Moving Wall which is at Constitution Park in our town for the weekend. The kids were amazingly respectful…well…most of the kids. As I walked past the panels it was overwhelming. I remember watching names of those killed in Vietnam scrolling across the screen after the evening news. Visiting the “Wall” makes this Memorial Day more meaningful. Make sure you thank a Veteran this weekend.

Hilary is home until Sunday. She has really enjoyed the first week of her internship. Katie has college friends coming in tomorrow night. They are going camping Sunday-Tuesday and then everyone heads back to their homes on Wednesday. Katie had to work tonight and said in Wolfeboro so she can go to Alex’s graduation tomorrow morning. I spent tonight cooking and trying to get as many things done as I could ahead of time and finally sat down at 9:30 PM. John feel asleep on the couch after supper and Hilary has been crashed on the couch with her Mac in her lap. I hope y’all had a great day!

Picture Time…Lots of Pictures…

Tonight is Brewster Academy Senior’s Prom. Katie went with her current beau, Alex. They looked very cute, but Katie was cold. That is Lake Winnipesaukee in the background. Brewster is on the banks of the “Big Lake” in Wolfeboro, NH. Thankfully the Prom is at a resort, not on the S/S Mount Washington like Katie’s Senior Prom was last year. Here are some photos.

We’re Back…

We’re back from our short trip. I’m tired, so won’t post much tonight…it was a good trip, with some oddities thrown in…Hope you had a great Monday!

Short and Sweet…

Went with Katie to York, ME yesterday. The Choir she sings in was singing there (wrote sinning the first time..oops!). She chose not to do the choir tour this year. Anyway, they asked her to come sing with them. It was lovely.

I will be away from the computer for a few days – not even taking mine with me – on a short trip. Will update when I return.

Have a great day!


We didn’t hear anything from the family today, so I called one of John’s brothers around 4 PM. He and his wife were out, but our nephew told me Marge was home and fine. I am so glad the family bothered to keep us informed…John’s Dad finally called about 9 PM…The stress test was fine, so it was not her heart…Thanks for all the prayers.

Marge update…

I wish I could say I had “news”, but I really don’t. My father-in-law (Jack) did go home last night to get some sleep. My sister-in-law brought him to the hospital in the morning. Before he got there they had taken Marge for her stress test. She refused to let them put in the dye twice, so they couldn’t do the test. With her mental condition I am not sure why they even tried without Jack there. By the time he got there they had other stress tests scheduled…so she is on the schedule for tomorrow…after he gets there. I guess she is having no pain today, so that is good news.  Thanks for all the prayers!

A Late Happy Mother’s Day!

I had planned to post these pictures this afternoon; however, we got a phone call this AM that John’s Mom was having chest pains and back at UMass in Worcester. John preached and we left for the hospital (2-3/4 hour drive). She is doing OK – they want to do a stress test tomorrow and check on one artery. If she passes the test, she’ll go home Monday night or Tuesday. If she does not pass it, they will run more tests and possibly put in another stent. She looked good, the dementia was evident, but she wasn’t in pain at that time. John’s Dad is exhausted, but plans to stay at the hospital tonight. We got home at 9 PM.  So, to my Mother and Mother-in-law….Happy Mother’s Day.

My Mom and Toby.

Here is my favorite picture of my mother-in-law.