Whose plans? HIS plans…

During the past month I have been saying this verse over and over…

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
   but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.   Proverbs 19:21

I like it when a plan works.  I like it better when a complicated, logistically impossible plan comes together.  I have had successes with some of those in the last few months, but the past few weeks many of those plans have fallen apart and I have switched to Plans B through Z.  Through it all I had to remember that God is in control. Whether I like what is happening or not; HE is in control.

  • Katie’s crowns to finalize the dental implants did not come in before we moved
  • I need sinus surgery; found out 4 days before we moved
  • Loading day had it’s challenges – a) first U-Haul windshield cracked right before John pulled into our yard and he had to go get another truck, b) 2-1/2 hours into loading the truck it was evident that with the boat, 2 kayaks and all of the woodworking tools John bought to build the boat we would NOT be able to put everything in the truck, c) a trailer was rented to pull behind the truck, d) for the first time ever I did not have everything completely packed and ready to go when the truck arrived (very frustrating for me), e) John had no a/c in the U-Haul
  • We knew on the Monday before the move that the renovations on our house would not be complete when we got there on Wednesday –  a) Friday was “if-y”, I could live with that and we packed through Sunday, b) the house was not ready until today , c)  6/15 things are moved into the house and the interior is almost complete, d) the outside is next
  • Monday I chipped a tooth

There are blessings in all of this; although I will admit at times it has been hard to see and I have felt discouraged.

  • God’s logistical timing for Lindsey to meet Katie in MD over Memorial Weekend, when they both just “happened” to be there, was impeccable – she drove Katie’s car as far as NC for us
  • After much discussion and prayer we decided it made much more sense for me to fly back to NH and have the Doctor who has been treating me do the surgery instead of starting from scratch in SC
  • My friend, Carolyn, an OR nurse, just “happens” to be scheduled to be in my Doctor’s OR room the day of my surgery 😀
  • Katie’s crowns were to arrive today, so she flew to NH with me
  • Tomorrow Katie gets the crowns and flies back to SC.  I have had my pre-op appointments and will have surgery in Dover on Friday. I will stay at Hilary’s until the 24th; there will be a recheck at the Doctor’s on the 22nd
  • My dentist repaired my tooth today

I would have preferred to NOT have surgery, not have to fly back etc., but I know God has a plan I cannot see. During the week we were in limbo and “homeless”, God provided a wonderful family to take us in.  Katie and I have had time to look for jobs; we have begun to find our way around our new “habitat”.  We are learning to love our new family.  I get extra time with Hilary in NH.  I did not unload the truck — we’ll see where John has put things by the time I get back.  Lindsey will be able to come down tomorrow and help for a few days.

In Sunday School this week we read about God constantly telling Joshua, “Do not be discouraged…” – those were words I needed last week.  I told someone yesterday that it is good God is in control because I seemed to have lost control somewhere in this process.  I said it jokingly, but I realize that is the BEST place to be.  Maybe all of this was to get me to the place where I could let go because I couldn’t do anything to change the circumstances; just accept them, learn to be joyful in them and believe that HE has a plan.  I pray that I will always be able to lose control of my plans and let go when HIS plan is much better (even when I can’t see it).



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