Monthly Archives: July 2010

Blog Fail!

I can’t believe it has been a month since I posted anything here.  We had a wonderful vacation in NC and since being back I have been busy helping a lot of people in various ways.  I am glad I have the time to do it and not feel stressed because something else might have to drop by the wayside.

We are loving having Katie home.  In the past month she has acquired a ukulele and a dulcimer, found her Senior Recital dress and had her beau from MD visit for 5 days.  She and John began their boat building project yesterday. Below is a picture of what the GOAL is and the other picture is them building the strongback for the forms.

Hilary is busy with her new job, as well as working with SoulFest ’10 which begins the first week in August. She is settled in her new apartment and Stuart, the cat, seems to love all the space.  We are cat-sitting Stu for a few weeks – he hated the 2 hour drive here, but seems to remember the house.

It was wonderful to have 2-1/2 weeks with Lindsey.  She is enjoying her summer and has been busy with planning for school for the fall and doing things with the ministry she is involved in at church.

I have about a month left before school starts again.  For some reason I am struggling with “justifying” (to myself) making time for me and for doing my digital scrapbooking.  I have theories as to the “why” of this and God and I are working on it.  I desperately want to get the girls books finished, so I need to let some things go and get moving.

Before John started the boat, ge finished part of a project he had been working on for me.  Here is my chair. The footstool and glider will wait until sometime next year, after the boat is finished.

I LOVE IT! Now to finish this ramble, there is a man (snowbird) in our church who writes poetry and songs. Today he surprised John by reading a poem he had written called, “What is a Pastor?” about John. Below is a picture of John and Ralph, followed by the poem.

What Is a Pastor?

A Pastor is like a shepherd, tending to his flock,

His words must be anointed, and set upon the rock.

A Pastor is a listener, and has quite a load to bear,

His heart has much to carry, his ears have much to hear.

His tears flow like a river, as he kneels before the cross,

For he knows that Jesus hung there, and died for all the lost.

A Pastor is a teacher, and with his heart he tries,

To fill us with the knowledge that opens up our eyes.

A Pastor is a comforter, as he show us God’s way,

A Pastor will reach out to us, and help us as we pray.

A Pastor can be many things, to mend or heal a broken heart,

To bring the lost to Jesus, to give them a new start.

A Pastor is a friend when you are in need,

He’s always on the ready, to help and plant the seed.

His life he gives to Jesus each and every day,

Thanks for being our Pastor and showing us the way.

-Ralph Caron

And on that note (um, poem), I will end this rambling…