Picture Time…Lots of Pictures…

Tonight is Brewster Academy Senior’s Prom. Katie went with her current beau, Alex. They looked very cute, but Katie was cold. That is Lake Winnipesaukee in the background. Brewster is on the banks of the “Big Lake” in Wolfeboro, NH. Thankfully the Prom is at a resort, not on the S/S Mount Washington like Katie’s Senior Prom was last year. Here are some photos.


4 thoughts on “Picture Time…Lots of Pictures…

  1. K-Ann says:

    She looks beautiful!

  2. fantacy says:

    oh my! how absolutely gorgeous!….all of you…although “daddy” had his dad face on in the pic “i am letting you take my daughter but…..” as he cleans the family shotgun…..:D her hair is amazing!….i am so not looking forward to any of my kids being grown enough to go to stuff like this…sigh, but alas it will come lol (unless the Lord returns first lol)
    Great pics girl!

  3. karenpelletier says:

    She looks gorgeous and so do you Joy! I haven’t seen her since she was a wee little one. My how time flies.
    Great photos!

  4. Aunt Melodie says:

    very pretty dress (and I LOVE the color), great hair, and fabulous pics!

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