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Today has been very productive…besides the typical “gotta do it on Saturday” stuff…I finished a big project of going through a file cabinet and desk and weeding, pitching and shredding papers.  It feels good to have the big job done.

In the middle of my mess I came across a document, a letter.  I’m not sure why I kept this particular letter where it was…amidst the envelopes of things that I need to “follow up” on…I’m not sure why I kept the letter at all…it would just pop out when I would pull the stack of papers from the desk and”follow up” on things…as a reminder.  This letter, when it was written, closed a door to life as I had known it, and opened a door to a life full of uncertainty for me and my family.  Every time the letter appeared, I was surprised…not by its contents, but by the journey God has taken me through since I first read the letter.  Every time I read it, I would fold it up and place it back with the stack ot papers…hidden in the desk.

I found that letter again today and I reread it.  I read it a second time and then….I sent it through the shredder, just like I had done with so many documents that day that were filled with personal information.  It felt good to shred that paper…not that it could hurt me anymore, but because I could see the opportunities and blessings God had placed at my feet since that letter.  I took the top off the shredder to empty it and discover that the letter had become confetti…and confetti reminds me of celebrations…so today I celebrated the life journey God has taken me on and is taking me on…bumps, valleys, mountains and floods…I hope you are celebrating your life too.


16 inches and counting!


I added this after I wrote the post…somewhere under the blanket it my Subaru Outback!

Today was a SNOW DAY!  The prediction was 12-20 inches of snow…it started about 9 AM and is still snowing at 8 PM.  John did get to work until about 3 PM, so that was good.  I woke up with a headache, so was glad to be home.  I have done some digiscrapping and that was my goal.

Since I haven’t posted in a bit here is the short version of the past week or so.  We had friends in for southern pulled pork BBQ on 1/18 and that was wonderful.  The work week was great for me, but LONG for John.  In the past 2 weeks he has put in almost 120 hours delivering propane PLUS doing the church.  This is a horrible time of year for him.  He comes home, eats and falls asleep.  Last Saturday we went snowshoeing around Pudding Pond in Conway.  It was wonderful to get out and do that.  I paid off my car, 2-1/2 years early!! Sunday we went to Kittery Trading Post after church and picked up some warm winter clothes on sale and met our friends Steve and Pam in Portsmouth for an early supper at Texas Roadhouse.  We went back to their house for a bit and then headed to Concord to pick up Hilary who had been in Vermont with friends.  She stayed with us until Tuesday afternoon when she headed back to ENC (thanks for the ride Kenny) to begin her LAST semester as a college student!  So that’s it, nothing earth shattering.

I am enjoying the things God is teaching me through renewed relationships with friends and family found on Facebook, as well as the written wisdom of my husband and oldest daughter on their blogs.  I still wonder what God has in store…but am learning to be content and enjoy the journey.  Here are a few pictures  (sorry Linds, no new ones of you).


Yeah – they are cute…


Her graphic design skills coming out (hmmm…reminds me of digiscrapping)


Katie and her roomie, Jess, in the snow outside of Philly.


Wii and Mii and Me!

So, we had  no school today due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday – although in NH they call it “Civil Rights Day”.  I have spent the day doing laundry, paying bills, digiscrapping and Wii Fit.  Whoever thought of this machine/game/device is a genius! I actually enjoy exercising – it makes it like a game (and of course I am thrilled when some of my scores are higher than John’s).  The kids and their friends have made “mii” characters on our system, so as I am “playing” the kids “cheer” me on…I’ll find myself saying, “Oh, there’s Tommy or Jess or Jason…”.  The biggest thing I have learned from my “trainer” is how weak the leg I broke and my wrists are from various injuries.  I can’t do push-ups or side planks…although I did try.  Maybe I’ll try again someday, but not for awhile.  Anyway, for all those other Wii Fit enthusiasts – GO TEAM!  Here are the pages I scrapped for Christmas 2008.



The paper is from Retrodiva ‘Tis the Season and I can’t find where the Tree template came from – simple layout but sufficient.

Out of the mouths of babes…

On Friday afternoons the 2nd graders at my school watch Reading Rainbow.  This week it was a great segment with author and illustrator Jim Arnosky.  In one segment there were raccoons fishing.  The child I was with looked up at me and said, “Dad’s going to take me fishing in the Spring!” Before I could respond he said, “Does your Dad take you fishing?”  I smiled and said, “No, my Dad doesn’t?”  He then said, “Why?” and I told him, “because he passed away a few years ago.”  He looked at me for a few seconds and said, “Well, when he comes back to life he could take you…”  and gave me a big hug.  I know this child has no idea what the return of Christ means and what a joyous reunion I will have with my Dad.  Will we go fishing? I doubt it, but we’ll have time together and most importantly I’ll see Jesus.  I was reminded that I need to be expectantly awaiting the return of Christ, just like this child is excited about Spring and going fishing with his dad.  (On another note, Spring is a LONG way away from here – we got 12+ inches of snow today!  I guess they could go ICE fishing…)

Seeking HIS way…

“It’s just all about letting God be in control and trusting his plan for our lives. Besides, what we think is great isn’t always his plan. And at this point in my life, I don’t want to do anything that’s outside his plan, even if that means giving up something I really want or love. Because if it’s not his plan, I know he has something better.” Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC).

I read this quote the other day in Today’s Christian Woman Online.  It was a great reminder of the truth I know in my head, but does not always transfer to my heart.  We all struggle with wanting control over our lives – our wants, desires, etc.  I believe God puts some of those desires in our hearts and will bring them to pass.  Other times I think it is the struggle of our will for control.  To be honest, my mental struggles are for a home of my own and to live in North Carolina again.  That may seem simple to some – unrealistic to others.  I don’t know why the strong desires are there; I suspect because it is HOME for me and is the place where I have always felt the most loved.  I can’t fully determine if the desire is God – or me.  Some days I believe God has put these things in my heart and will bring them to pass in His time.  On other days, I question whether it is just MY desires.  I needed the reminder that HIS way is always best.  Thanks Kate Gosselin for your Godly words.  So, daily I need to surrender myself and seek HIS plan for HIS plan is always best.  Do you want to join me?

Back to school tomorrow…

i have completely enjoyed my time off from school.  It was great having the girls here and time to do things with them.  I can’t say that I have had a lot of time to just relax and goof off, but I had fun with the girls (and John, when he wasn’t working).  Speaking of John, he has finally started a blog, at his children’s prodding. You can find him here.  Have a great evening and a wonderful Monday in the AM!

A Father’s Love…

About 18 years ago I attempted a Gingerbread House for the girls.  I started it when they went to bed and was still working on it at 1:30 AM the next day. John was my cheerleader.  I put the finishing touches on, took a picture and…the roof collapsed beyond repair…SO…John and I made coffee, stayed up and ate the evidence.  The girls never knew I had tried to make one…until a few weeks ago when I picked up a Gingerbread House Kit.  We did not get it made before Christmas, but Katie really wanted to make it today.  John worked 13-1/2 hours yesterday and is on call this week, so was out for 8-1/2 hours today.  He came home at 3 PM and Katie had him making a Gingerbread House at 3:30 PM – that is a father’s love.  It made me think about God’s love for us…He never gets too tired to hear from us, think about us, be there for us…I am so glad God is such a loving Father…

Here are a few pictures.  Isaac White made a great Gingerbread House before Christmas.  John and Katie’s is made with love and Katie said of theirs, “It is fine art Mom, it is subjective…”


John said this next one was a candidate for Extreme Home Makeover Gingerbread House Edition – it sure tasted good!


Happy New Year – Happy Family!

John, Hilary and I went to First Night Wolfeboro last night to hear Gallazelli (Katie GALLAgher and John PetruZELLI – GALLAZELLI).  They did a wonderful job (no partiality here – hehe).  We came home and basically crashed. I was asleep before midnight – I think John made it until the NEW year.  Today was spent moving things out of the laundry room so that the defunct refrigerator can be removed this weekend and fighting a wonderful migraine.  Thankfully it seems to be gone right now – finally.

Lindsey made it home safely yesterday. Tuesday night Hilary did a wonderful photo shoot for us. Here are the shots I treasure…


THIS ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and amazing children.