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Interesting few days…

I went to the One Voice Easter preview last night. John and Kate couldn’t go. Dona Lynn asked if I’d join the creative team. I’m looking forward to that. John was sound asleep on the couch when I got home – the long day in subzero temps had taken it’s toll on him.

Today John and I headed for Boston to see Hilary and Andrew. I drove so John could continue to work on his sermon. It is usually a 2-1/2 hour trip. We were doing fine timewise – even with a few fun stops – until we got about 16 miles from our exit. It took 2 hours to go 3 miles!!! I do not like tunnels, so going to Quincy anytime is a challenge for me (I’m getting better though). Today I was in bumper to bumper traffic in the tunnel. To top that off I was bumped from behind by a car in the tunnel. I had seen in my rearview mirror that she wasn’t paying attention…a few minutes later…bump. It wasn’t a hard bump and I didn’t expect much, if any damage, but I still had to get out of the car IN THE TUNNEL (A REAL issue for the “tunnelly challenged” LOL). Her excuse was she reached for the heater and a cigarette…There appears to be no damage – hooray! We arrived on campus at 3 PM, went to Panera Bread with Hil, Andrew and his family at 3:30 PM and then took Hil to get some groceries after we ate. We left campus at 5:45 PM – a LONG trip for a short visit, but it was good to see Hilary (and Andrew…)

The good part of the trip…John and I had time together to just talk, ponder our future, etc…so that was nice. All in all, in spite of the LONG trip to Boston, it was a nice day. God is good even when you are stuck in tunnels ;0).

Nothing unusual…

There was really nothing special or unusual about the past few days. The upper grades started their winter sports program yesterday; so Mondays are different since they are gone from about 11:30 til the end of the day. I get to stay with the kids who don’t do winter sports. I was really proud of a few of my kids who made it to the top of the rock wall. Next week they’ll try another section of it. Me…not so sure I’m ready to try – I have such bad wrists I don’t think I could do the power pulls at the top.

The girls are all doing well. Lindsey really likes her job in NC. The mechanics are still trying to find the root cause of her “check engine” light issue, but the car is running so that is good. Hilary is back at ENC after J Term break. I haven’t talked to her, but I’m willing to bet she is anxious and will be pacing the floor in a few hours. Andrew has been gone since 12/29 to New Zealand and Hawaii (rough life) for his biology course. He comes back around 7 PM tonight. Below is a photo she edited of them – I guess that says it all…

I’ve decided to see what I can do to help One Voice with their Easter performance. It will be the first and probably only time Kate, John and I will have done something like this together. Katie finally seems to have her strength back after her spell with pneumonia and bronchitis in Nov-Dec. She just started 2nd semester of her Senior year – hard to believe. She’s working tonight and John is working late, so I get the computer a bit more tonight. I’d like to do some digiscrapping, but I really need to make a grocery list. Oh how life gets in the way of fun. LOL


Well, all I can say after last night’s Play off game is…



Katie and John are resting up, conserving their energy for the all important football game at 6:30 tonight (THEY ARE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!). Lindsey is probably doing the same thing. She’ll be calling us during the game I’m sure…we love it.

Who ya gonna cheer for? Go PATS!

Interesting days…

The past few days have been interesting…I am SO glad God is in control of everything. I had been feeling lonely and disconnected and God provided an answer. I checked an old email address and, along with all the spam, there was an email from a cyberfriend from a scrapbook site I belonged to 2 years ago! She wanted to send me some things for our School’s Out program to use and asked if I’d like to join the scrapping site where many of my old cyberbuddies were. I was surprised and delighted to hear from her. I did join the group and remembered many of the people there. It is a nice “family” to be a part of.

My daughter is dealing with some stuff that isn’t fun, but is teenage junk. Some old “friends” are making life difficult. I’ve prayed a hedge of thorns around her and know God will take care of her.

On positive note, John has decided to try and do the Easter musical with One Voice. I am glad; he needs connections with other guy friends. I’m not sure if Kate will do it or not. I don’t feel I can, I’m the official family photographer so need to be able to be out front. I guess I could offer to help with something; we’ll see. John is on call this week and so far he has not had to go out…I’m glad, he needed a low stress weekend. I spent the day cleaning out closets and a few dressers. Whew! I did manage to get some oatmeal raisin cookies made – John was grateful.

As I reread what I’ve written I am just reminded of God’s peace that passes all understanding. HE is SO good!

Nice Day…

Well, I figured we’d have a 2 hour delay because the snow turned to freezing rain last night…I was right. The dd was grateful;it meant she didn’t have to get up at 5:30AM for school. I goofed off around the house – should have been more productive. Oh well…

I love my job as a paraeducator for special needs kids. Praise comes too little and far between where I work, but I got some nice compliments from the head of the Special Ed. Dept. today. That made me feel really good. I am amazed by administrators in schools. We talk about how important praise is for kids and we go out of our way to give them more praise than admonishment. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why that doesn’t carry over to adults. The line I have gotten is basically “you know you are vital and we couldn’t do this without all of you (staff),but we don’t have time to coddle and stroke…” I understand, but hearing words makes SUCH a difference. As I thought about the “strokes” I had gotten today (that were unsolicited and out of the blue) I began thinking about God. I so often take Him for granted; He doesn’t NEED anything from me, but I know He longs to hear my praises and “strokes”. If anyone deserves nonstop strokes it is the Lord – He has done EVERYTHING right and always looks out for me and my family. SO…YOU ARE AWESOME GOD – THANK YOU!!!

I finished a layout about our Christmas Eve cooking – Katie put on quite a show tossing sausage balls to the cookie sheet. I got it all on video. It’s my favorite Aunt Mary’s recipe; if she were still alive she would have been cackling watching Kate. I have so much to catch up on digiscrapping, but I am getting there and it brings me such joy to learn things and to preserve our family’s story for my girls.
Hope you are warm where you are – it will be below zero here tonight…BRRRRRR!

Learning something new…

Well… today has been snow and freezing rain, JT was even sent home from work around 11 AM. I spent a few hours playing at digiscrapping. I had a layout idea in my head for our Thanksgiving this year (no photos of the day), so wanted to try and put it on paper. It took longer than I thought it would and it is not spectacular as some of the graphic designers could do, BUT I tried some things and learned some things and even made my first template…so I am proud of it. JT read the journaling and said “It sounds so depressing…” I reminded him that it was…he chuckled and said “you’re right – it was in some ways”. I’ve posted the LO below.

It’s still snowing/sleeting. JT has already been called from work and told not to come in too early because the roads will be nasty. That probably means a school delay for me or even a snow day…I’ll take either. I’m boiling a corned beef right now; it always takes longer than it says, so who knows when we will eat supper. I wish my Mom was here, she likes corned beef. Katie has not asked for the computer much today, so maybe I’ll get some Christmas or One Voice layouts done. Oh how I’d love about a week at home alone with no responsibilities – I’d digiscrap away and really make some progress. Dream on…Well, need to get back to reality.

The Darling Daughter…

I’ve been a bit concerned about my daughter today – not anxious or worried – just motherly concern. She has not been feeling well since last Friday. She is in J Term at college. She called this AM to say she had fainted and hit her head on something in her room. When I talked to her she was calm and went to class, but she called her Dad later and said the school wanted her to be checked out at the ER since she has a bad headache. A friend of hers just called me and said they have done blood work and were taking her for a CAT scan. I am about 2-1/2 hours away. If I thought it was life threatening I would drive down in a heartbeat. Right now I just want to know what is going on with her. I am SO glad that God is always there – even when I can’t be.

Daughter update…after 6-1/2 hours in the ER and many tests they determined UTI and low blood sugar. They gave her an RX and she stopped and got OJ and some other things to have in her room for breakfast. Gee…that would be the things Mom has been telling her to do for 2 years…maybe it’ll stick this time (at least for a little while). Anyway, I’m glad it was nothing serious and that she will be fine.

My Dreams…

I spent the day thinking about the DSP prompt. I took the philosophical route. I have a few dreams. Right now these would be my top ones:

–I dream of a day when my husband is back in full time ministry and we are apart of a church that is passionate about sharing God’s love with others (praying that happens SOON!)
–I dream of having/making more time to spend with God
–I dream of my daughters living their dreams in the careers of their choice
–I dream of God providing godly men as mates for my daughters
–I dream of a life that includes true friends with meaningful relationships; not superficial ones
–I dream of being caught up on my digiscrapping

Some of these I can take control of and help the dreams come true. Others I can pray about and trust God to bring them to pass.

Am I Late…and another sad day…

I checked the DSP prompt this AM…am I late or on time and do I get irritated when others are late…

I am usually on time or early (I noticed being “early” was not one of the choices – does that say something about out society?). I used to get irritated when people were late, but have gotten more flexible as I’ve “aged”. I have a friend who was a missionary to the Philippines for almost 40 years. When my dh went there to teach for 2 weeks she explained that 2 hours late is “on time: for Filipinos – that way he’d be prepared for their being “on time”. One of this woman’s sisters is a dear friend and she is ALWAYS late. The joke became that Martha was always on Filipino time (LOL).

I found out another friend is leaving the school where I work; not under favorable conditions. It makes me wonder what is going on. I have to remember God is in control, even when I don’t like what I see happening around me.