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God is at work.

I know God is always at work, we just don’t always recognize it.  I had the privilege to go to a Living Proof Ministries Simulcast this weekend in Meredith.  The details of how I found out about it and it all worked out were definitely a God thing.  I told John I was going alone because I needed to be lost in a crowd and have God speak to me.  I will admit to having never read a Beth Moore book and not really knowing what to expect.  After my Friday night and Saturday morning experience, I will be buying books and attending more seminars.  You can check things out a Living Proof Ministries.

God is working through the Life Transformation Group I am a part of.  It’s interesting learning from each other as God speaks to us through His Word.  God is also working in Hilary’s life.  The past 6 weeks have been quite a ride for her, but God is working and growing and stretching her.  You can learn/read more about what God is up to in her life here if you are interested.  This photo was taken last week and it totally captures her joy in the Lord.


Hope you are finding JOY in HIM today!


I LOVE my job!

Yes, I am still here; just been preoccupied (no, blessed) with family time.  John and Katie have arrived in Philly and she’ll move into EU tomorrow – can’t believe my baby is a Junior in college.  Hilary has moved back in – no full time work yet, but God is really working in her life and it is exciting to see and hear all that is happening with her.  Lindsey is ready for her 4th year teaching in NC – she has kids tomorrow.

Last week was spent with teacher workdays.  I will admit to not looking forward to hearing the keynote speaker on Thursday morning – wasn’t crazy about her books (Please Stop Laughing at Me! and Please Stop Laughing at Us!).  I understood why we were asked to read them and agree that we need to approach bullying in a variety of ways; I just didn’t care for her books or approach.

God had a GREAT surprise for me!  I walked into the afternoon workshop where music was playing in the background and it sounded like we were going to have a party!  Little did I know that Anne Marie Taylor was going to usher us into a celebration of children in a way that would excite us all for the beginning of school.  Little did I know that I would be face to face with the light of Jesus in a fellow believer that was totally illuminating the room and captivating all who were listening.  She was wonderful!  I knew I’d like her when I heard her say “y’all”!  She is the 2008 SC Teacher of the Year and the first Special Ed Teacher to have that honor. In talking with her at the break I discovered what church in SC she attends and that she has recently taken on the position of Children’s Ministry leader part-time.  Woo Hoo!  Through music and many other activities she reminded us to celebrate everyone with all they bring and to serve to lead.  As I have thought about those two things this week I have realized that they apply to all we do with people in church too.  SO, I’m going to work on celebrating and serving…

Today was the first day of school and I was blessed to be with kids that I love and am looking forward to all God has in store for me at OCS this year.  To all other teachers, blessings to you as you start a new year.

God’s beauty.

John and I went to his company’s annual party last night.  This year they had it on the Mount Washington.  We left from Weirs Beach and cruised Lake Winnipesaukee from about 7-10 PM.  I was handed a camera and designated the photographer (no, I didn’t bring mine because I didn’t want to lug it around – the cute little Nikon Coolpix I was handed fit nicely in a pocket).  The food wasn’t that great, but the music on all floors was good.  The sunset was gorgeous.


View from Weirs Beach – taken on my phone so not the greatest photo.


Another one taken with my phone, but I really liked it.


This afternon we went to MA to pick up some of Hilary’s “stuff” and have supper.  I am ready to have her home for a bit – I have missed her.

Pictures and Ponderings.

It has been a LONG time indeed since I posted anything here.  We have been to NC and back with a 2 day stop in CT.  We had a WONDERFUL visit with dear friends from Shiloh while in Union County before we headed to Blowing Rock. We enjoyed time with my family and then a few days with John’s family.  Since being home I have gotten some things done around the house that were on my “to-do” list, but time with family has taken precedence – the dirt and chores will wait.  We have finally had more than 1 day with no rain – this is Day 5!  I have had extra Eastern University Juniors at the house since Wednesday.  They have had a blast together.  I am down to 2 plus Katie now and they are all at Old Orchard Beach right now.  Tomorrow the extras will leave to go back to PA.

Things in the church are about the same. John had challenged them before we left about some “Life Transformation” Groups.  He talked about it more Sunday and explained that he would not be setting up the groups, they were to “organically” find their own groups.  Well, they did such a good job a few of the guys he was going to ask are already in a group.  Right now I have just one person in mine, but that is fine.  The purpose is to have each person in the group really searching the Scripture for what God is saying to them.  Each person in a group will read the same chapters during the week and then the group time is for discussion of what God impressed upon each one.  For whatever reason, God wants me to start in Ephesians, so when my group starts, that’s where we’ll be.

SoulFest was good, although hanging out there all day is not my thing.  I enjoyed the concerts and seeing some people, but let’s just say going a second day for 9 hours was a labor of love to my husband.  Casting Crowns and Third Day were really good though.  We basically saw Hilary long enough to hug her and that was it since SoulFest was the BIG event of her job all summer.  Today is her last day of the summer internship, only God knows where she’ll be headed next.  I know she’ll be home for a little while anyway.

I go back to work the 18th with workshops through the 20th.  The first day with kids in the 24th.  I love my job!  I do wish I’d had a few more days to just digiscrap though – didn’t get very much of that done at all.  Below are some photos from what’s been happening. Some photos are a bit blurry because we were on a train.


John and Lindsey on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, Bryson City, NC.


John really liked these floating houses on Fontana Lake.


Going over the trestle over Fontana Dam – I really liked the texture on the bridge.


Kudzu “towers” – a Southern staple.


John, Mom and Lindsey on a bridge at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.


Part of Nantahala Outdoor Center.  I want to go back there sometime, it is so cool to watch all the rafters come down through all the whitewater.



Melodie joined us for a week and it was her night to cook – I think Wonka thought he was supposed to help – maybe be the food tester for the king…

Melodie ligtened

She makes a mean bruscetta and peach pie – yum! Thanks Melodie!


When in the mountains we all spend a lot of time reading.  Mom did a good bit of reading, but John had us all beat with 7 books in 2 weeks!


Lindsey getting after her Dad for spoiling his supper…


2 plus 2 bonus points for this picture. John, Lindsey, Me and Melodie.


My garden when I got home.  I need to get a new picture because the vines are climbing everywhere.


I’m not sure when she took this, but I love the photo my friend, Kristin, took of me and John at SoulFest.


Either I am intently worshipping at the concert I’m listening to OR I’m trying to figure out how the heavy metal, head banger sounds coming from the Inside Out Tent are really considered music ;0).

Off to digiscrap.  Hope you are having a wonderful summer.