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Cleaned the Clutter…

Well, my Spring Break is almost over – I could really use another week. I am glad I went with John to see his folks, but it knocked a big hole in my cleaning and digiscrapping plans. Seasonal clothes have been moved around and the bedroom closet has been cleaned (hooray!). The dining room counter (everyone’s favorite collection center) has been cleaned and the computer desk reorganized. Those were the big clutter challenges for the week. The only digiscrapping I got done were the 4 quickpages I posted here (no brainers) and I did get my May calendar created so that we can stay on top of appointments and meetings.

The only excitement of the past few days is that I broke a tooth on a Snickers bar (guess I really shouldn’t have eaten it…). I called the dentist’s office because I lost 2/3 of the tooth – what is left is mainly filling. They were already closed and won’t reopen until Tuesday! Thank goodness it isn’t really giving me any pain – just has a jagged edge that keeps rubbing against my tongue. My guess is he’ll want to do a crown ($$$); I’m so thankful we have dental insurance!

Well, I finally made some oatmeal raisin cookies for John – poor guy, I’ve been home all week and haven’t baked a thing! The chili is ready, just gotta bake the cornbread and our yummy supper can be consumed. It’s rainy here, but I have sunshine in my heart. PS – Katie comes back from Ireland tomorrow! The timer on the oven is calling…have a great night!


Quick Trip…

Thanks to those who have been praying for my friends. Janet and Gloria are out of the hospital. Jamie is now in the same hospital as his father. Virgene is still in critical condition.

John and I took a quick trip to CT Tuesday night to stay with his folks. His Dad’s birthday was last week and his folks 51st anniversary is this week. We took Jack a great wind-up LL Bean flashlight – never needs batteries, just a crank. It’s his kind of gift. We wanted to take them to lunch on Wednesday for their anniversary. I asked about going to the Droll Yankee Company which is located in Foster, RI – I have one of their birdhouses and they are the best! This is where our adventure began. We had to go to the Foster Police Department to find out where the headquarters was since it wasn’t listed in the phone book. Mill Road according to the dispatcher. It was a beautiful drive on Mill Road to an old house with a building out back. The sign on the building said they had moved the corporate headquarters and that Customer Service could be reached at this number…or you could visit one of their local retailers. I called the number which happened to have the same exchange as Jack and Marge. Lo and behold the company had moved the HQ to Danielson, CT; however, the representative told me I could order online or visit the closest retailer which was Plainfield Agway. We left and went to Cozy Corner for lunch. It’s a small place that Jack and Marge like. After lunch Jack asked if I still wanted to see the birdhouses; I just said “whatever”. He instructed John to drive to Plainfield; that we’d be able to see the new High School (Lindsey and Hilary went to the old one) and then he had John drive us to Agway. Sure enough, they had plenty of birdhouses. John and I looked at and discussed several – Jack and Marge even got in on the looking and discussing. The final decision was to get the battery powered one that sends squirrels for a gentle ride if they try to get on the birdfeeder. Jack thought that was a riot. Imagine their surprise when we told them this birdfeeder was for them as an anniversary gift and early birthday gift for Marge! Jack and John spent time deciding where to put the birdfeeder and then plugged it in to charge. I can’t wait to hear about the first squirrel that tries to eat from the feeder. I hope they enjoy their birdwatching as much as I do mine. I plan on buying that same feeder tomorrow at Chick-a-Dee Station when I head to Meredith for One Voice practice.

Anyway, here are a few quickpages of John and his folks and one just of John. I really like quickpages for layouts I want to finish quickly, but still have them look good. I still haven’t gotten any more layouts done from the Easter performance…maybe tomorrow if I can finish cleaning up some stuff and doing some paperwork today…If I’d get off the computer that would help LOL!

Quickpage – Miracles (resized) by my precious friend in Germany, ConnyB

Quickpage from Cottage Arts
Handsome face created by Jack and Marge Gallagher and the good Lord

In Memory of…

Katie sent another quick email. She is having a BLAST! They were getting ready to go to a Medieval Banquet in Bunratty Castle. You had to eat with daggers or your hands!

Please continue to prayer for Gloria Carter, Vergene Hughes, Janet DuBois, Phil DuBois and Jamie DuBois. They are still in serious condition following the accident. Below are two quickpages I did in memory of my friends. Please keep their families in prayer.

I could not find the designer for either of these quickpages. My apologies to those who so generously designed and gave them as freebies.

Please Pray…

I learned tragic news yesterday afternoon. Two friends were killed in a car accident in North Carolina and 5 other family members are in serious condition. Please pray for the family of Wendell DuBois from NC who was killed. Also the family of Tammy DuBois from ME who was killed. Tammy’s husband is Wendell’s nephew; they were visiting from Maine. Wendell’s wife, Janet; sister, Gloria and cousin, Virgene were seriously injured. Tammy’s husband, Phil is in serious condition and their 13 year old son, Jamie, is on a ventilator and in critical condition.

I was in shock all evening, as I am sure their families and other friends are. I do not understand why God allows tragedy to enter our lives, nor will I try to. I DO know GOD is a loving Father and His heart breaks for those who love these families. I am standing on the promise that I will see Wendell and Tammy again because they loved Jesus with all their hearts.

Thank you for your prayers for these precious families.

She’s Off…

We had school Wednesday, but the kids didn’t come until 11:30 because we had a previously scheduled staff in-service from 8:30-11:30 SO Wednesday was a very easy day. I took today off to take Katie to Manchester to catch her flight to IRELAND! Yes, I said Ireland. It is her High School graduation gift from my Mom. She’ll return on 4/29! While she is there they hope to make contact with a 2nd or 3rd cousin of John’s. That should be interesting. I sent several bottles of maple syrup with Katie to give to her. (Bubble wrapped and vaccum sealed).

John rearranged his schedule this week to go with us. It was nice having him around. We ate lunch out after we left Manchester and then he agreed to go grocery shopping with me. That hardly ever happens. We got home around 6 PM. John was so tired he feel asleep on the bed. I heard his alarm go off at 6:45, but it is now 7:10 and he has not stirred. He might be down for the night; who knows.

Saturday is the first rehearsal for One Voice for National Day of Prayer in May. There are only a few rehearsals for this performance. It’ll be nice to see everyone again. I hope to get lots of scrapping and cleaning done next week with no one home. I have gotten a few layouts done from the Easter performace, but don’t want to put them up until they are all finished. Have a great night!


Well, we got about 4 inches of heavy wet snow on Sunday. When Kate and I went to bed we fully expected to have a delay (at least) on Monday morning. NO way!!! We went to school in a monsoon. Some staff could not get in because their roads were flooded or closed. At 10:30 AM the principal came on the PA and said we would be dismissed at 11 AM. It was actually 11:30ish when the kids finally got on buses. It was a madhouse because parents had to be contacted etc.etc.etc. Most of the staff stayed around to help until we knew what was being coordinated with the town hall for emergency shelter. 10 people volunteered to stay, so the rest of us could leave. I appreciate those 10 staying. I was willing to help, but needed to check on our house first.

When I had left for school the driveway and front yard were a mess due to snow and heavy rains. When I got home the snow in the front was gone and the front yard looked pretty good – muddy, but not flooded. The basement was OK. The Bearcamp River was still within its banks, but high. I checked the river again at 2 PM and still OK. I checked at 3:30 PM and the river was in our backyard. By 4:30 PM I had a pair of mallards swimming around the tree in our backyard. The sump pump has been running, so there is only a trickle of water in the basement right now. I got a call at 5:30 AM – NO SCHOOL TODAY! I am told that all dirtroads in Ossipee are closed and many other roads are washed away. We’ll see if there is school tomorrow. It is still raining – sometimes sleeting – on and off and will be that way through at least tomorrow AM. I took the pictures below before I made a quick trip to Conway to get things for Kate for her trip to Ireland on Thursday. Right now the river is about 6 feet from our back deck – that’s where I took the pictures from. The red circle on one is where there is a white trashcan tied to a tree. That is where the river bank usually is. I did not use the zoom on the photos. We have power and really have it good compared to many in the community. Enjoy the wet photos.


Hilary and Andrew came home for the weekend. It was good to see them. They went to a movie while John and I went to Concord for the All State Music Festival on Saturday. It was WONDERFUL! The director was from Southern Methodist University. One half of the songs were religious in nature. The downside was that they were so crowded on the stage that we couldn’t see Katie AT ALL! We knew where she was, but couldn’t see her. The perfectionist in me saw the typo in the program…there was a song called “Savory, Sage, Rosemary and TIME!” Evidently no one proofed it or whoever proofed it doesn’t know that a) thyme is an herb (like savory, sage and rosemary…) or b) they knew it but didn’t know how it was spelled. Too many people rely on spellcheck and don’t proof things anymore. Anyway…the concert was great.

Church was fine…it’s a struggle some days…I really have to check my attitude because I can be very easily discouraged by what is going on (or I guess I should say the lack thereof…). I’m trying so hard to stay positive for John, but today it was not easy. My biggest question right now…”God…what in the world are you doing and what are we supposed to do?” That’s been my question for quite awhile and I get no response…it is frustrating. I long to be part of something so dynamic that I can’t wait to dig in and help – my enthusiasm here is gone. I need to be somewhere where I feel apart of something alive and moving. Right now I just feel alone.

Enough introspection. Hilary and Andrew left in rain, which turned to snow, but they made it back to Quincy OK. It started snowing around noon and it is a heavy snow. We are supposed to get 7-10-15 inches before it ends early afternoon tomorrow. Katie and I are figuring on a snow day. It doesn’t change her graduation, but it changes my last day of school. Oh well, I could use an extra day…as long as the power stays on this time.

Laundry and a nap are calling. Lindsey will be calling too…she is going to check out some furniture for her new apartment. Hooray for Lindsey! Blessings and stay warm wherever you are!


It started snowing at 9:45 AM and hasn’t stopped yet! We got out of school early. So far we have 8+ inches! It is STILL snowing! We haven’t lost power this time though. I took a quick trip out to refill the bird feeders and snapped a few shots. I can’t believe it is April and we are getting this much snow. Katie was supposed to be at the NH All State Music Festival tonight through the concert on Saturday night. They can’t leave until the AM now. Oh well…at least they should have better roads to travel on – it’s about an hour from the school to Concord.

Here are the photos I took…it looks pretty (if it were JANUARY!!!).

Click on the next two photos and they’ll enlarge so you can see the birdies…

Bird enjoying one of the feeders

John says this is my “Mary Poppins” picture (through kitchen window).
You know…”Feed the birds; t’pence a bag…

Quick Post…

I’ve finally gotten all the photos I took at “Alive Forever” up on photobucket. You can view them here. There are a LOT of photos and they are unedited. They are not in sequence – it took them by what I had labeled them. You might want to view them as a slideshow. EnJOY!

One Voice "Alive Forever" Hits YOUTUBE!!!

Last night, after we got home from the final “Alive Forever” One Voice performance, Hilary took some of the photos I had and the video clips she made and created a mini-DVD. The background music is “Sometimes Love” by Chris Rice. She does have the sound clip of Jesus on the cross and part of “He’s Alive” at the end. Considering she only had bits and pieces of things to work with it came out pretty good. We showed it at church this morning.

If there is no picture in the “YouTube” screen – click play and it will play anyway. Enjoy and Praise God HE’S ALIVE!

Photos we took will be up on Photobucket once the website decides to let me in…