Monthly Archives: April 2010

Forget the glimpses – All is Well.

It has been a busy few weeks, so I am so glad to have had Wednesday-Friday as school vacation.  I have not gotten and digiscrapping done, yet, but other things seemed to be more important. I am grateful for the sunshine today.  I got the “ingredients” for Mel’s Mix for the new flowerbeds we are making and stopped at my favorite nursery, Bearcamp Garden.

I also stopped and took a few pictures of Mount Washington and Mount Chocorua.  There were hurricane force winds in Intervale and I was blown into a railing, but you can see the snow on Mount Washington – they got 2 more feet on Tuesday night.

Perspective from Intervale parking lot – love the clouds.

Getting closer…

Brrr – total zoom – loving the camera John gave me for Christmas.

Mount Chocorua and Chocorua Lake.

As I was randomly channel surfing yesterday I heard a comment that really made me think.  The man was thanking God for all his blessings and trials.  He said that he didn’t expect things to turn out as they had, but he knew God was in control and wondered where the journey would take him next.  Then he commented that he really didn’t want to know where the journey was leading, he was just going to relax and enjoy the ride.  I spent some time thinking about what he said.  I have been at the other end of this – wanting God to just give me a glimpse of what HE is up to – needing encouragement and reassurance, I guess.  I have a friend whose husband has been in the hospital with heart issues…her email made a statement that has also been weighing on my mind.  She said, ‘I really don’t know what this week will hold, but because God is already there, “All is well”.’   Have I been spending more time on asking for glimpses than I have on relying on the fact the “All is well”?  Maybe – probably.  I needed these reminders – I don’t think they arrived by chance.  I guess I need to remember the signature line on all of my emails, “At all times, in ALL things, God is good…even when I don’t see or feel it…it is a faithful fact!”

So thankful that because God goes before me – All is well!!

Peaceful – Resting in Him.

God has blessed me and my family in many ways over the past few weeks.  Katie and Lindsey got to spend 4 days together in NC over Easter. Hilary has found a new apartment with friends and some leads on full-time work compared to two part-time jobs.  Katie is in the final stretch of the semester and will head to Europe in 3 weeks.  Lindsey is in her final leg of her 3rd year teaching.  John has been able to spend 5 days with his family in CT and I have a contract for next year at school.

God has been teaching me to wait on Him and listen to His voice.  Last weekend I had Dustin on my mind, so I started praying for him.  On Monday, as I headed to work, I called John using my hands-free bluetooth (which I love and my daughters hate).  When it said, “Please say a command”, I said, “Call John”.  The next thing it said was, “Did you say call Dustin Buchanan?”!!! WHAT?!? Those names aren’t even close!  So, I knew I was to keep praying for Dustin.  I called him the next day to let him know and it was so good to talk with him.  Do you remember my post about the email I received?  See, I learned and remember to pass along the blessing of praying for someone else.

Later tonight we will celebrate my father-in-laws 79th birthday with all of John’s family.  That is another blessing.  Today has been a day to just “hang out” and relax – I guess God knew I needed that.  I actually spent some time playing with photos in PSE 6.  I don’t usually allow myself the “luxury” of playing with photos (you know – too much scrapbooking to get caught up on to learn something new…).  Here are a few photos I applied light and/or texture to; I like the effects.

Enjoy your weekend and rest in the loving peace Jesus gives.

God speaks – through others.

For some this will be a strange concept to grasp, for others it is part of your every day life as you are on your journey with Jesus.  I believe God speaks to us in many ways.  For me it often takes on the form of a conversation in my head where God is asking questions and I am answering or vice versa.  Other times He speaks to me through the Bible, music or something someone else has said.

I had an interesting experience last week. With John being a bi-vocational Pastor now, there are many times we feel “forgotten” and working two jobs takes its toll on him.  On Wednesday I had been praying for God to send encouragement to John in some special way.  I had also been praying about a particular situation and the conversation in my head went something like this…GOD: “Do you trust me? Do you really trust me?  Don’t you think I can bring your name to anyone’s mind at any time?  Do you trust me?”  Of course, my side of the conversation was quiet for a bit and then, ME: “Yes, I do fully trust You; help me trust You more.”

On Thursday night John shared an email he had received from someone thanking him for what he had learned from John when he was the man’s Pastor. Bingo – an answer to the prayer from Wednesday night.  THEN I opened my email.  There was a facebook note that said I had an email from someone who I had not heard from in about 30+ years.  My first thought was that their facebook account had been hacked and that this was a virus.  As I clicked on the email to ponder deleting it I realized it was an actual note from my friend.  As I read her note I began to cry.  She told me that she had been awakened during the night saying “Joy Griswold Gallagher…Joy Griswold Gallagher” (a nightmare – right).  She was amazed that she even remembered my married name since I was single the last time I saw her.  She felt God was prompting her to pray for me and wanted to let me know she had done that.  WOW!! Do you remember the conversation I had in my head?  I believe this was God’s way of letting me know that I really could trust Him to bring my name to mind to anyone He chooses.  It may not seem like much to you, but I spent the next few days just amazed at God’s tender loving care for me and my need to know that He does have things under control.  It was also a reminder to me to pray for people who come to my mind and that it might be an encouragement to them to know they have been prayed for.

What a great God we have and I am so glad that He chooses to speak to each of us in different ways.  The question becomes…are we listening and responding?