Monthly Archives: October 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!

It’s been a busy month and I’ll try to post an update sometime this weekend.  In the meantime, help me celebrate Lindsey’s birthday!  We are so proud of her and thankful that God is using her in NC as she teaches and as she serves Him at Elevation Church.  Happy Birthday Binzo Baby!  I’ll see you in a few weeks!!!



It’s amazing how life can get in the way of well…life.  I have been busy with work, church, One Voice and a Life Transformation Group I am leading.  The past month has been exhausting physically and emotionally.

I am learning how to “let go” as a Mom and that isn’t always easy.  I want the best for my children; I love them so much.  Letting go of them to what seems like the “unknown” is often difficult.  I know God is in control and that He is watching my girls, but the human Mom in me still needs/wants to see that her children are taken care of; that there is stability and security.  Yes, again, I know all those things are provided in Christ, but my humaness gets in the way sometimes.

A few weeks ago I went to a Women’s Retreat.  I had registered for it long before I began my “motherly” struggle.  When I arrived I knew God had something to say to me while I was there – even if it was just ONE thing to release me from the emotional struggle I was in.  That one thing was this…We become paralyzed when we live in the “what-ifs” for our children…” That was EXACTLY where I was – paralyzed and fearful because of the “what-ifs”.  I am still learning to let go, but I am not a teary, stressed out Mom [at this moment anyway ;o) ].  All three of my girls are in HIS hands and even though it is scary for me at times; I have to trust HIM and them.

We have had a few new families check out the church in the past few weeks.  That is encouraging.  One Voice is coming along, although the drama portion is going so much differently than previous years.  Guess I’ll have to spend a lot more time praying about that one.  We are also using a different auditorium this year, so I am having to rethink blocking and logistics.  Oh well, that’s what keeps the brain functioning.

It is apple season here and I was given a box and a half of apples Monday, so I spent Tuesday canning applesauce.  I canned 9 quarts.  John helped with some of the prep work.  It reminded me of the first year we were married, living in an apartment that was a converted motel room.  I picked apples and then canned 24 quarts for my new husband.  We had to store them in boxes under the kitchen table – of course that’s where the pots and pans were too.  When I told John I had forgotten how much work it was to can applesauce and then said, “I can’t believe I made 24 quarts for you 30 years ago.  I must really love you.”  His comment was, “You had fewer responsibilities then, so had more time…” (Wrong answer – LOL).  I told him, ” I had you, that was plenty of responsibility!”  He smirked and replied, “Go clean up your kitchen…LOL”  My sister loves my applesauce  – too bad I can’t send her some.   Sorry Melodie.

The leaves are changing and I love the colors.  I got a few pictures last week and hope to get a few more next week.  This weekend is the Sandwich Fair (not to be confused with a fair of sandwiches – it is in the town of Sandwich).  We hope to go for a bit tomorrow and then see John’s brother and his family for supper tomorrow night.  I have Monday off, but John does not…soooo…I plan to spend the day doing things just for me – figured I deserve it.  I am grateful for all the things God is teaching me as I continue on my faith journey.  Enjoy your weekend.

Here are a few pictures of the foliage and the applesauce.


Reflection in the marsh across the street from the house.


Mt. Chocorua and Chocorua Lake


Colors around Chocorua Lake


The “Fruit” of my labor.