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Stuck in an airport…again….!!!

Well, here I am in Charlotte again. My plane has been rescheduled twice so it now has an hour delay. IF it really leaves on time I will have to take the 11:50 PM bus back to Portsmouth arriving at 1:15 AM. I will have to dig out my car and hope to leave Portsmouth by 1:45 AM. Estimating I’ll be home by 2:45-3:00 AM Friday – stinky…but at least I’ll be home.  By the time I wake up I’ll have to get cleaned up to go pick Katie up at the Manchester airport tomorrow night. She should be just ahead of another snow storm coming in late Friday-early Saturday expected to dump another 3-7 inches of snow…Katie is excited about the snow…I am sick of it…so is John.  Pray for safe travel for me tonight and again tomorrow night. Thanks.


Text pictures…A tale of two views…

The “new fangled technology” is a wonderful thing. I get text messages and pictures from my kids all the time and love it. Below are 3 text-picture-phone photos. One is outside my room at 10 AM today and the other two are what John sent me from NH of the front of our house after the last storm…

Nice Day…sorry NH…

It was great sleeping to the lull of the waves last night. Mom and I took a long walk on the beach this morning. When I took off my Tevas to go barefoot I decided it would be a good idea to rinse the sand off of them. It was a great idea until a BIG wave came crashing in and soaked me halfway up my thighs…I did not have on shorts – just capris…at that point I just kept walking in the water. It was not bath temperature, but still warmer than the warmest day at the ocean in NH or ME. Mom took a picture with my phone camera (good thing I didn’t take the expensive digital this time). The photo is cropped in close because her finger was over the camera lens – not used to these new fangled pieces of technology.


We drove to some of the places John and I used to visit when we lived an hour from here – 28 years ago. It was pretty run down – too bad. Mom took a nap and I read and then we went to the German Beer Garden for supper. No beer for us – iced tea. It was noisy, but the food was great. I’m going to try and find a few of the recipes. Mom is upstairs reading my Charles Martin book, “Maggie” and I’m going to digiscrap.

Sorry you are getting another foot of snow NH!!!


Blessing in Disguise…

Through much snow and tribulation I made it to Charlotte at 12:30 AM Saturday. The problem was my flight left for Tallahassee at 10:25 PM on Friday. My darling daughter, Lindsey, who lives 35 minutes from the airport came and got me so that I would not have to sleep on the airport floor (did that in LaGuardia once and that is one NASTY airport). By the time she got me and we got back to her apartment it was 2 AM. We left at 7 AM to take me back to the airport. My 9:10 AM flight was delayed three times due to fog. I FINALLY arrived in Tallahassee at 12:45 PM Saturday and after a quick lunch Mom and I got to her house at 2:15 PM.  I had not planned to see Lindsey on this trip, but it was a wonderful treat!

Today, after church and lunch, Mom planned a “get-together” for some of my friends (young and old) from my past and it was great since about 8 of them made it. Some I went to college with and some I knew from all the work Mom and Dad had done in the denomination. I also went to the assisted living facility to see my friend Max or as Melodie and I affectionately have called him for about 35 years “Hairy Max”. He got this name when we stayed at his house in Bellingham, Washington and we spyed his toupee on an end table…so “Hairy Max” is who he became and still is to this day.

 Tomorrow we head to Panama City Beach and plan to stop in Altha, FL at the first church John ever pastored – he was their first full-time pastor 28 years ago…then on to the sugar beaches…for those of you in New England…enjoy your snow ;p

PS – Special thanks to all who were praying – especially my “hillbilly” cyberfriend Fantacy.

Prayer Needed…

There is a storm coming up the east coast bringing snow to New England. I am supposed to fly out of Boston tomorrow night. I do NOT want to get stuck. I had to spend the night in Laguardia once – that was the pits. SO, please pray I get out of Boston heading south. Thanks.

In other news, my baby has a blog! You can visit her here.

Ice – Rain – Home

So, for much of the world today was a holiday. My school takes NEXT week as February vacation. This morning we had a 2 hour delay due to heavy ice on the roads. I had a headache, so that worked for me. At 7:30 AM I was called again…rain on top of ice had made roads “treacherous”, so school was cancelled. I got a holiday anyway! John’s company didn’t want the trucks on the road, so he was home by 9 AM. I was glad he could sleep off some more of his cold. I took meds and crashed in the recliner for an hour. The much of my day was spent balancing the checkbook and doing the FAFSA for Hilary and Katie. After supper I went to digiscrapping. I am working on a few more badge albums. They are SO cute. Lindsey posted some pictures of her new haircut on her blog. I used them for a page in one album and here is what it looks like.

Credits: Altered page from Kris Myers Vinyl Badge Templates at Plain Digital Wrapper, Papers and Elements from Chocolate Blossom by Antje Witteck, Word Art by Leslie Reid

Painting – Part 2

So, John preached today, but still doesn’t feel well. I feed him and then he crashed on the couch so I decided to paint our bedroom. 2 years ago I picked out paint called “celery sage”. It looked nice on the chip and while I was gone for a few days John painted the bedroom. Well…celery sage looked like Granny Smith Apple on the walls or as I called it Gosh awful green! It was bright. I lived with it for 2 years. After painting the dining room/kitchen I decided it was time to paint the bedroom. I picked out Spring Hill – a much more soothing blue-sage. Now for the lessons from painting.

  • A paint edger does not always work…it can spread paint on the ceiling and woodwork when the rollers get paint on them
  • Always put painters tape on EVERY surface where your painting will meet surfaces you don’t want painted (only doing sections doesn’t work). Painters tape is my new friend and is essential to keep paint problems caused by the aforementioned paint edger from happening.
  • Have a small amount of white paint on hand for when the edger gets paint on the ceiling ;0(
  • Buy a can of “Oops!” for removing paint drips from woodwork
  • MOST IMPORTANT – have your husband – who does an amazing job at cutting in the trim – do the painting!!

Seriously, the bedroom looks so much better…I’m sure I’ll see things I need to touch up tomorrow, but…it is finished!

I got an unexpected email from a dear friend today. Her church is looking for a Pastor and she thought about a conversation we had a few years ago…not sure what to make about it. I read the email to John…we’ll pray about it…

Tonight is supposed to be warm (40s), but we are supposed to have freezing rain first…yuk! 5 days’ til Florida!!!! Look out Mom, here I come!!!

Can you say A – L – A – S – K – A ?!?

John, Melodie, Mom and I are going on an ALASKAN CRUISE!!!  Things have been finalized and we are crusin’ in June!  Thanks for the wonderful Christmas present Mom!

In other news, I have a sinus infection, am sick of snow and think I need a good night’s rest. Hasta manana!  (Did I do that right Linds?).

Sneak Peak…

Again…a snow day! Although it has been raining since about 4 PM so will be ice in the AM. I was wrong – the 80+” was for Concord – 1-1/2 hour south of here. Tonight they said the Mount Washington Valley has had over 120″ of snow since 12/1!!!

Here’s a sneak peek at John’s Valentine’s card…it’s actually an album made from vinyl badge holders…

These are the pages of the album.


I LOVE how this turned out. The idea is from Kris Myers at Plain Digital Wrapper. The paper kit is from Retrodiva Designs – Be Mine February Kit.