Monthly Archives: September 2009


I know it has been a LONG time since I have posted. School is in full swing, One Voice is up and running, Hilary has been in and out while looking for work, I have been to a couple of women’s events, church things…you get the picture.  For the most part these have all been enjoyable though.  There are some things that God has been teaching me and I really want to share them with you because it is scarey and exciting at the same time, BUT right now I am way too tired to write what is on my heart and mind. SOO, I’ll leave you with a picture I took on my phone while John and I were at Kittery Trading Post on Friday.  Have a great evening!


Quick Post.

John and I headed to Pittsburg, NH today.  He’d always wanted to go, so now we can say what is and isn’t there.  The lakes are beautiful, but there isn’t a lot there.  It’ll be a great spot for him to go camping/fishing with Mark next year.  We drove up Moose Alley past 3rd Connecticut Lake and didn’t see a single moose – they must have been on vacation.   Anyway, we enjoyed being together and talking and the weather was gorgeous.  I only took a few pictures.


View of Francis Lake.


Flowers on the bank of 3rd Connecticut Lake.