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Will it ever stop?


So, it started snowing around noon today. It was such a wet snow that we had to bring the kids in from recess because they were getting as wet as if they were standing in a downpour. It snowed on and off all afternoon. We got about 3 inches. When I came out of the post office around 4 PM the flakes were so big it looked like God was having a pillow fight! Those globs in the photo are snowflakes! It is now raining and it supposed to rain through tomorrow…at least it will melt some snow.

There isn’t much exciting happening here. I hope to get some digiscrapping done tonight, but that’s about it. Hope you are having a great day!


March 28 – SNOW DAY!!!!


I have enjoyed my day…I slept it, ran errands (including taking care of my passport for the Alaskan Cruise – need it to get into Canada), did some housework and plan to just play on the computer tonight.

Have you ever heard of MissusSmartyPants? (Hey Lindsey, she is based in MATTHEWS!) I found her through FLYlady. I really like her website and also have found her on blog talk radio. Anyway, after many months of debating I finally ordered my own personal profile. It really has been helpful in finding clothes that fit me and flatter my body type. This weeks article was about swimsuits. I love that I get photos of things that would look good on me in my weekly emails.  I have not bought a swimsuit in 14 years! I still have the one I bought when we went to Disney World. I remember how long I’ve had it because we lost Katie at Disney (long story) and she was 5 at the time and is now almost 19! I treated myself to a new swimsuit today from a company called It Figures. I am still working on getting the extra weight off, but am really feeling good about how I look where I am now and discovering how much accessories can add to an outfit. I am glad to be me!

After months of wondering what God was up to, I am finally getting glimpses and reminders that He is at work, even when I don’t see it . Well, a really cute propane delivery driver just showed up at my house and is hungry, so I think I’ll feed him. Have a great night!

He is not here…He is risen…

My friend, Becky, calls today Resurrection Sunday or Resurrection Day. What a gift to know that Jesus Christ has conquered death. Some day the family of Christ will be together with Him and there will be no more death, no more tears, no more sadness because He is no longer in the tomb, but has risen.

We had an early COLD sunrise service on top of Ossipee Mountain and about 25+ people there. Katie’s friend, Alex came and his Mom. They also came for the breakfast at the church; that was nice. After the breakfast Katie and I came home, got a few things ready to go in the oven for lunch, changed clothes and zipped back to church. It was a nice service – we really do have a great Pastor…think I’ll follow him wherever he goes…

Katie and I came home after church to get the turkey fryer going only to find out that the housing for the heating element was cracked and I wasn’t getting power! We could hold it in place, but it wouldn’t stay. I tried duct taping it, but it still didn’t work. I put in a quick SOS call to John before he started teaching Sunday School only to discover that just about everyone was leaving for Easter dinners, so they weren’t going to have Sunday School. He came home, we found a way to duct tape it and saved the day.  I did have a ham in th oven, but 2 of the people we were having for dinner couldn’t have the salt in ham…thus the fried turkey. Katie was a great help and made the terrific asparagus roll up appetizers.  While I finished getting things ready, (ham, turkey, hash brown potato bake, spinach salad with strawberries, blueberries and kiwi, carrots and rolls and my Aunt Mary’s famous 3 Day Coconut Cake), the gang played with the Wii.  We had a nice lunch and the 8 of us enjoyed laughing with and at each other.

When everyone left and the first run of the dishwasher was running the three of us fell asleep. John and I woke up around 5:30 and caught the end of the “Longest Yard Sale” on HGTV.  We have decided we want to go to that some year.  It starts in Defiance, Ohio and ends in Gadsden, Alabama – 630 miles for 4 days!  Wouldn’t that be a great road trip with friends?!? It reminded me of when we lived in Illinois and would do the Spoon River Drive in the fall with people from the church. It was crafts, antiques, yard sales, food as you followed the river through the different towns.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking Katie back to the airport to fly back to Philly. John will have to go pick her up, stuff and all, May 10th. Hilary and Andrew will go back to ENC tomorrow and Lindsey has the week off from teaching.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Now, I’m not Catholic or Irish, but I married an Irishman and have always been fascinated by Ireland. I guess you can attribute that to watching John Wayne in “A Quiet Man” way too many times when I was young. Anyway, my Mom has been to Ireland two times and Katie has been once. I hope John and I can go some day.

I like the symbolism in many of the Irish traditions. I have one lovely Aran Stitch wool sweater that I love and need to memorize what all the stitches mean. I have another one, different style, on order. I have a few pieces of Celtic Knot jewelry and like that the knot has no beginning or end and that there are three pieces to it to symbolize the Trinity. I find it interesting that a man chose to use a 3 leaf clover – a shamrock – to teach children about the Trinity and that this man’s name was Patrick. I am just learning about all the symbolism of the Claddagh. My oldest niece, Erin – good Irish name eh? – has a Claddagh ring. According to the legend it is a familiar story…Boy meets girl – they fall in love – he goes on a journey – girl waits for boy – boy returns – gives girl a ring (the first Gold Galway Claddagh) which is “…a symbol of their enduring love. Two hands to represent their friendship, the crown to signify their loyalty and lasting fidelity, and the sign of the heart to symbolise their eternal love for each other.” Depending on how the ring is worn it can symbolize looking for friendship, single, engaged, or married. Then there is the Celtic Cross – “the circle of the Celtic Cross is a symbol of eternity that emphasizes the endless ness of God’s love as shown through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.”

I tend to lean towards being contemporary in my worship of the Lord. I appreciate the old hymns, but enjoy the application of many of the new choruses and the freshness they bring to my walk with the Lord. I find it odd that I also enjoy the symbolism in the Irish things I mentioned. John’s reading seems to indicate that today’s generation is looking for a mix of contemporary with many of the traditions of the church throughout history. Maybe I’m just ahead of myself with fitting in…Hahaha…anyway – enough rambling…have a great day!

Wisdom tooth and dancing with the Wii…

So, I had the tooth out yesterday. It went OK – although it was strange when I could hear the tooth crackling as it was coming loose. I had to focus on breathing in the lovely nitrous oxide so that I didn’t focus on the sound. I was glad Hilary was there to drive me home. They have me taking 4 advil plus tylenol with codeine for pain. The pain I had yesterday was a migraine from the nitrous oxide, I think. At one point I had taken all the meds and was lying in bed with a heated rice pack behind my neck and on my forehead, plus an ice pack on the side of my face where the tooth was pulled and one on the top of my head to ease the migraine. I had pillows pilled all around me to keep everything in place. What a sight. Where the tooth was really didn’t hurt that much, it was more my sinus on that side and the migraine.

I got up and went to work today. I really felt pretty good. I was playing a spelling game (Upwards) with 4 of my kids when I had to excuse myself about 9:30 and told them to keep playing that I’d be right back. I headed to the restroom, threw up and came back. All the meds were killing my stomach. I had been eating toast and smoothies since the surgery and that wasn’t too much for the meds to work on. I made arrangements for the rest of the day and left at 11 AM. I was in bed by 11:30am and slept 2 hours. I took more meds and then slept another 2 hours. I ate a delicious Philly Steak and Cheese from R & L Sub for supper.  I feel OK right now – just wiped out. We are supposed to get 2-5″ of snow tonight and I have a prayer breakfast to go to in the AM – we’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Now to dancing with the Wii…I came out and crashed on the loveseat last night around 7 PM. John was golfing with Tiger Woods on the Wii. He was golfing in low light (so that I could rest). What he didn’t know was that every now and then I’d open my eyes and watch him. At one point he went to some skill builder thing with weird music. When I looked up he was dancing to this music – wish I’d had a camcorder. Then he went back to golfing and when he’d do well and the “crowd” on the Wii would cheer him on he’d raise his hands and take the applause…it was so funny; the problem was it hurt to smile.  He had fun and I went back to sleep. He didn’t know I’d seen all of this until tonight…

Have a great weekend in whatever you do and thanks to all who have been praying for me.

God’s sense of humor…

In writing in my journal to God on Wednesday I asked for a glimpse of what He was up to regarding our future. Within the next 4 days I got glimpses, but of three different options! These were options I was already aware of, so it was a “glimpse”, but not a specific answer/direction. I guess God has a sense of humor; He did ask what I requested – I guess I need to change how/what I ask. I have been reminded the past few days of the verse in James that says, “You do not have because you do not ask…” I realize that is not the whole verse, nor does it take into consideration all the deep theological meaning of the surrounding verses (yes, Dr. Dean I do remember some of the things you taught me at Berkshire Christian College). I really don’t spend as much time in prayer as I would like to or should. I DO pray about anything and everything, but need to block out more intense times for prayer – especially when John and I are seeking answers about the future.

I took Katie to the airport Sunday AM – I so enjoyed having her home. Friday we had the music of “the boys” here with their guitars and I realized how much I miss the music and the laughter…lots of laughter…She’ll be home again on 3/20 for Easter weekend.

Hilary came in on Friday afternoon and immediately hung her Publicity Banner in our living room. She’ll be around until Sunday. It’s great having her home too. She is my chauffeur when I go have my one wisdom tooth removed on Thursday. Oh yeah, because she is now part of Student Government she will go with the group to Point Loma, CA April 2-7! How cool is that? We did some “internship clothes” shopping after we ate at her favorite Thai restaurant yesterday. She picked out some really cute things and even got a skirt that has pink, coral, chocolate brown, khaki and white in it. It is adorable – although I’m not sure she’d like me calling it “adorable”.

I finished two more badge albums this weekend – one for Lindsey and one for me. I really like these cute little things. It was sunny today, but cold. It is supposed to gradually warm up the next few days, but no big snow storms in sight…yet. I hope you had a great Monday.

And the winner is….


We just got the text message and she won! Congrats Ree – we love you and are proud of you!

Freezing Rain…Freezing Rain…Freezing Rain!

That’s what I am singing today instead of “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”. We had a “freezing rain” day…no school. John didn’t work either – too dangerous for the trucks on the side roads and driveways. We enjoyed the day and Katie is home from college so we had extra time with her.We ventured out around 1 PM – I got groceries and John got a haircut.

I got an email from a friend today. She’s someone I dearly love even though we only see each other maybe once a year. We have so much in common and just getting a note from her is a blessing. As I read her email I could hear her talking. I am so grateful for people God puts in our lives that just make us smile. Love ya Becky! I also got a snail mail card from a woman I discipled about 15 years ago. It is wonderful to see how God has grown her. She called about a month ago and said God had put “Pastor John” on her heart and she had been praying for him every day. Keep it up Tammy because we need clear direction as to what God is up to!

I could have gotten a lot of digiscrapping done if I had just stayed home and not left the couch or loveseat – laptop attached to me, but I spent time with John and Katie and I know that was more important. I hope to get things caught up some day though because I want to give the girls their scrapbooks. Here’s a layout I did of John with the snowblower in one of the many big storms we had in February. I love the way you can see “Blue Devils” on his bohunkus…go DUKE!
Credits: Win-tree Weather Quickpage by Linda Walton at 3 Scrapateers

Lazy Day…

Church was fine and I filled in for a Sunday School teacher – showed the kids the Easter story video – an old Hanna Barbera. We took Katie to Jake’s for seafood and then John cleared the snow out of some more of the driveway. Katie is now at Johnny’s “jamming” with her boys in International Toast and this is where John is – laptop and all…photo-37.jpg

I was playing with photo booth. Too bad I didn’t turn the video on and you could hear him (LOL!). Back to school tomorrow…more snow/sleet/rain for Tuesday night through Wednesday morning…yuk!

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Two Posts in One Day…wow!

Hilary is running for Publicity “Director?” – not sure what the title is but it will pay a BIG chunk of her tuition next year if she gets is. Voting is March 6th. Below are three of her posters floating around campus…all designed by her – can you tell what her major is?