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Long story – but Time Warner struck big time AND didn’t fix our internet on Tuesday…SO they can’t come back until Saturday. I have access to it at school, but not much time so there will be little if any posts until at least Saturday.




AND PATRIOTS 52 – Redskins 7


I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted. I won’t bore you with details except to say work, home, Red Sox, One Voice, Red Sox, church, Red Sox, kids home from college, work, Red Sox, home, Red Sox, One Voice, Red Sox,kids home from college, Patriots, Red Sox.

I was SO tired Wednesday that I laid down at 4:45 PM for a 15 minute nap and woke up at 6:30 PM only to find John asleep on the couch… Double Delight today with the Patriots playing this afternoon and the Red Sox playing tonight – will definitely need a nap. No One Voice rehearsal for me tomorrow night, but a Production Team meeting Thursday PM. Here are a few photos taken in the last week (with my phone…)

This is Mt. Chocorua, about 5 miles from the house.

Monday, while at One Voice my phone buzzed with a picture message. I figured it was the girls, but this was what I got from my husband. A 13 inch trout caught in Lake Chocorua!

And finally, this lovely picture of Hilary taken as she was loading her plate with beef brisket for lunch…

Do or Die…

That’s what it is for the Red Sox tonight…problem is since Katie and I got in at 1:45 AM today and then I got up at 6:30 AM to go to work…they’ll have to do or die without me. I am off to bed. Will Red Sox nation live on?

To quote my husband, “They played like the Red Sox the first game in the series. The last three they have just played like Boston…” Let’s hope that tonight, they play like the Red Sox!!


I’m a Busy Bee…

Let’s see…since last Friday I have:

  • Spent 6 hours Saturday at a One Voice rehearsal/retreat – mostly dance
  • Then spent way too much time stressing over Sunday School (like how to provide for children ages 5-11 in the same room and 3 of them with special needs) – God has taken care of it – or me anyway – and I’m doing the best I can with what I have…
  • Stayed up TOO late watching the Red Sox..went to bed at midnight – glad I didn’t stay up til 2 AM for the losing game…
  • Sunday had 8 kids in Sunday School and all went OK
  • After lunch John and I took a drive across the Kancamagus Highway to see the foliage and had hoped to hike…it started raining so we came home
  • Monday made a fast trip to Walmart after school, to get Sunday School supplies; picked up a pizza for John and headed to Meredith for a 2 hour One Voice Rehearsal
  • Yesterday tried to catch up on some hoursework and spent time working on a Veggietale Lagoon background for Sunday School
  • Today – crazy day at school – worked on the “Lagoon” at church, fixed supper/cleaned up and went back to finish the “Lagoon”
  • At supper realized that John can’t go pick Katie up at the airport because he is on call…SOOO if her plane leaves on time I’ll get home around 12:45 AM…oops – she just sent a text – plane’s going to be at least 10 minutes late (ya gotta love the Philly airport – you can never get out of there on time…)

I am really glad Katie will be home for a few days, but I know she’ll spend a good bit of it with friends. I am glad God is giving me peace about how much work this Sunday School thing is going to be for me…maybe in a few months I’ll get a few more Units modified so someone else can teach…In the meantime, I think the kids will have fun and after this intial setup stuff it shouldn’t be as stressful. I want these kids to see Jesus through what we do as a group and I want them to see Jesus in me.

Well, in about 15 minutes I hope to be in the car headed to Manchester Airport…pray for safety for the late night trip AND that I’ll be able to survive school tomorrow on very little sleep…

A Day of Multi-Tasking…

It was a rainy day at school so the kids were wired…After school I finished the cake and salad I had started making for the Harvest Supper at church tonight. The supper was OK – not as many people as we had hoped though. I left after supper and headed to Meredith for a One Voice Production team meeting that was already underway. The Red Sox game had already started when I got there…so, since we needed to find a costume online anyway, I just happened to find another website that was showing the game… I left the site up and every now and then the guy next to me would “nudge” my computer to “wake it up” and we’d see what the score was…multi-tasking at it’s finest. We got a lot done and I was home by 10:45 PM – good thing since we are there from 10 AM to 4 PM tomorrow for an all day dance retreat!

10-3 victory tonight!

Long time no post…

My LATE night One Voice meeting last Monday (done at 11:30 PM and was in bed after midnight) seemed to wipe me out for the week. I was dragging! School went well last week. I made a banana cake for the staff on Wednesday and an Ice Cream Sandwich Cake for one of my 5th grade classes who had earned a game afternoon for filling their “Caught Red Handed” bulletin board for doing kind things to others. Since it was 80+ degrees on Thursday and Friday it was great! I found out Thursday night that John’s folks were coming for the weekend, so I went into overdrive with cleaning etc. and made an apple coffeecake with Splenda for John’s dad. I had presence of mind to bake meatballs Thursday night and put them in the crockpot with sauce for supper Friday. Hilary got home about 4 PM for the weekend and John’s folks arrived about 5:30PM. It was nice to have them all here.

Saturday was Sandwich Fair day – no not a fair of sandwiches, but a fair in the town of Sandwich – it is my favorite fair. Hilary’s idea of the fair is eating your way through the fair…We got there about noon and after checking out all the agricultural stuff did begin eating our way around. Blooming onions, fried dough, italian sausage with peppers and onions, chicken tenders, buffalo sausage, lobster roll, lemonade and strawberry shortcake were enjoyed by the 5 of us as well as LOTS of water – it was 85 degrees and full sun there! We were surprised to run into friends from ME, MA and NC while at the fair – all family members who were having a weekend together at Alton Bay. After 4+ hours we had worn John’s folks out so headed to the house – no one was hungry for supper…

Sunday we went out to eat with John’s folks after church and then they headed back to CT. John, Hilary and I braved the roads battling tourists to get to Conway so Hilary could check out a few cameras at Spectrum Photo. Later that night we went to Chocorua where John’s youngest brother and his family and his wife’s family were renting a house for the weekend. It was good to see them for a little bit.

Today John had to work, but Hilary and I got to sleep in. She left for MA after lunch; however, ended up changing her route due to the HIGH volume of traffic. I have begun the seasonal clothes change process since it is only about 55 degrees outside right now. I think I need something other than capris and sandals.

I realized how important family and relationships are to me as I visited with John’s brother and his family (I love my sister in law, Terry) and her family who have always adopted me. I realized how miuch God blessed me with friends – no family – in the Helms Gang in NC. I’ve talked to Mary Elizabeth three times this week since 2 “family” members have had surgery and one is battling cancer. God has blessed me with all these folks in my life – I just wish I could see them more often than I do. These things also made me realize how much I miss having those kinds of relationships here…maybe someday God will bless me with those kinds of friends where I am living…

Off to finish laundry and maybe digiscrapping and maybe redo the blog header…so much for the doldrums of life…

Later that day…Got a header thrown together – not exactly what I wanted, but better than what was there. I have to get a website from Hilary that has more tempates. Night!


We had a busy weekend and the week is starting off that way as well. I woke up Friday AM with a horrible headache – took some meds and went to school. I ended up taking a few more doses during the day, but it never went away. By the time I got home I just went to bed. John, on the other hand, went surf fishing with Mark at Hampton Beach – I’m glad he got to go. Saturday was a “get over the medicine buzz” morning and then a One Voice retreat from 10 AM-4PM in Meredith. John was there too. Sunday was church and then after lunch John and I took a drive back to Meredith to wander the craft show (his idea) and the shops. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! We left Meredith and drove to Alton to visit with our friends Bryce and Barb. We had a great time and Bryce had fun quizzing us with “New England Trivia” from Trivial Pursuit. I didn’t do too bad, but not great. John does not like word games, but got the Tall Ships in Newport, RI question right…Monday was back to school (no headache though). After school I made a BIG salad, 2 batches of cookies (one with Splenda) and headed to Meredith (again) for a One Voice production team meeting…6:30 PM – 11:30 PM!!! I cannot do that on a Monday! It was midnight when I got home and later when to bed…hit the snooze alarm MANY times this morning.

Today was a great day at school. I love my job. I was a little dragging afterwards so made my way to my favorite coffee shop – The Moose is Loose – and had a wonderful raspberry iced coffee. It did the pick me up thing and I cooked supper, made a banana cake for school and tried a new healthy apple coffee cake recipe. The texture is different, but it is good – John likes it too. We start 3 weeks of NECAP testing tomorrow. It is exhausting for the kids; thankfully it is only an hour or two a day. Tomorrow night we have a Quarterly Business Meeting at church. Nothing earth shattering there, but I am curious as to where the church finances are right now…

Hope you’ve had a good start to your week…TTFN!