Monthly Archives: September 2010

Change can be beautiful.

It has been a busy few weeks adjusting to the start of school.  I am definitely being challenged this year and stretched, but God is there and I am grateful that He is willing to use me.

The leaves are beginning to change around here.  As I was driving to school this week I saw a small tree with two colors. The tree caught me attention and as I thought about it, I was reminded that when I asked Christ to be my Savior, I was changed; however, living my life for Him and through Him is also a process or a journey This tree illustrates the beauty in the process for me.

The red is the change that has happened

and the green is what God is still working with  me on.

Change and work through the journey is what turns this

into this into this

and it is still a work in progress.  Each stage becomes more beautiful.

As you go through this week, remember you are a work in progress. God wants to continue to change you and make you more like Him. Are you willing to let Him? I am being shaped on this journey with you.