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Back to Normal – if there is such a thing.

Well, it’s back to just me and John at the house.  It was wonderful having the girls here and I can’t wait until 12/21 when we pick Lindsey up and have all 3 girls for 10 days!!! Since she was left out of the photo shoot, Lindsey sent me this picture…miss you Linds.


I took Katie to Manchester after church to catch her 4 PM flight, which is now delayed until at least 7:30pm due to snow.  Hilary left around 2 PM to head back to Boston; she has arrived safely.  There are boxes of Christmas decorations stacked in the living room waiting for me to open them and put things in their “spot”  in our house.  They will have to wait until Tuesday…more important things to do tonight.

I made a few stops on the way home and hit the jackpot – a 50% off everything in Joann Fabric and 25% off everything in Bootleggers!  I got some fat quarters to make a few gifts and found some wonderful chocolate brown Baretraps boots! Whoppee!!!  It’s been snowing for about 5 hours and looks beautiful outside.  We have been watching the Pats/Steelers play and John has decided it is to painful to watch any further…oh boy.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the Christmas season…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


So much to be thankful for…

  • My workshop at school went very well on Monday.
  • I had a great time helping Agape Ministries help 300 families get Thanksgiving boxes – I worked with traffic control.
  • Tuesday, Hilary and I had a great time shopping (even though we had to drive through 4 inches of slush for awhile)
  • Katie’s plane was on time.
  • I got everything done that I needed to on Wednesday and we got to eat supper at The Flatbread Company.
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I missed Lindsey though.
  • We had a wonderful photo shoot in Hilary’s “photography studio”.
  • God has blessed me with His love and the love of a wonderful family…
  • Here are lots of great photos…



He would not stop making silly faces, so I popped him on the butt and then he laughed even more!







Remembering when they were little angels…


…that didn’t last long…just kidding – still my angels…





Hil also took some pics of Katie…



This one is my favorite!





A girl and her BIG chocolate lab – Pippin.

I pray you had many things to thank the Lord for this Thanksgiving!

Such wise advice…

Lindsey, our oldest daughter, is a Spanish teacher in NC.  Take a look at her blog for today and remember that no matter what your financial condition in these uncertain times…God is in control.

Christmas in the Air…early…smells a lot like pine boughs.

No – that doesn’t mean it is snowing…although Hilary wants snow. My friend, Terry, set up a wreath making/cookie tasting party at the church for 4 PM today…we were using it as a fun time and an outreach to friends and family.  We had 30 ladies there eating cookies, listening to Christmas music and making lovely wreaths.  Thanks Terry for all your hard work.  Here is my wreath…


I baked Chocolate Crinkle cookies for the party and finished a few more projects and got some more done on the basement project.  I opened a few cardboard boxes to transfer the contents to plastic bins and found some surprises (no, not critters).  When I opened the box that has old yearbooks, writing and poetry in it I found a box in the bottom with old penants and buttons I had collected as a teenager.  I had the penants hung all around the top of my room and Mom gave me fabric to attach all my buttons to.  I brought the box upstairs for Hilary to look through.  She has taken my buttons for a project (says I’ll get them back). After looking through all the penants she suggested I sew them into a quilt…maybe, someday, but for now they are safe in the bin in the basement.  I found the Yo-Yo Quilt my Great Grandmother had made and vacuum sealed it, someday I want to hang it on a quilt rack again.  Lastly, I found the box with the few things I had saved from when the girls were babies.  The quilt Aunt Mary made and the punk crocheted afghan John’s Mom made were in there – very special things.  The pink rosebud dress and bonnet each girl wore when my Dad dedicated them to Lord and the white gown my Dad wore when he was dedicated were in the box.  The last few things were the rocking horse that used to sit on the crib rail and a mobile that was above the girls crib.  I also have the rocking horse my parents gave the girls in the basement. As I reminisced about some of those things, I realized that my Stories in Hand class has gotten me thinking about the important details of my life and the lives of my family.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to keep up with all the lessons in the class, but I have access to the class FOREVER! Thank you Jessica Sprague.

Right now I am being amused by John trying “We Ski” on the Wii and Hilary and I laughing and reciting different sections of the Ken Davis rendition of learning to ski from the DVD “A Twisted Mind”.  For Lindsey, Hilary and Katie – right now Dad is doing a “snowplow turn” and is trying to learn how to stop (LOL). Just wait until you are home for the holidays, we will have a BLAST!

Katie and her roomie, Jessica, went to the King of Prussia Mall today (HUGE mall-lucky girls). Here is a picture of them today.


While in a store in the mall I get this picture with this text “I want to make this when I am home…”


Love that monkey bread!

Ahhh – Accomplishment!

A good night’s rest puts a new perspective on things.  I got a lot accomplished at school and everything is set for the workshop I am teaching Monday.  I got the studded tires put on John’s truck, fixed supper for 3 (ha – easy – leftovers), cleaned the kitchen and accomplished a huge task of rearranging 2 closets in our bedroom and cleaning off a dresser.  I am always amazed at what I have saved on my dresser – I am getting very good at throwing things away.

It is good having Hilary home – she got a good report from the doctor about her throat. John has an awful cold and right now is “sawing wood” on the couch.  Katie sent me a picture message today at school…here it is:


I can’t believe Philadelphia had snow before we did. Here she is practicing ear-training for music…oh joy…


I really like that photo.  The last two photos are of Hilary and one of great gas prices!



Hooray for lower gas prices! Night!

Still Here…

Hey! I’m still around, but this has been an exhausting week and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Rest will make all the difference in the world.  Hopefully, I can update things tomorrow. Night…

My Grandmother’s Apron…

I had a great day at school, annual physical in the afternoon (all systems a o k), cooked supper and then began putting my Stories in Hand binder together.  It has turned out very nice and would be finished except all of my hole punchers are missing – hmmmm…I can’t get my 3-hole adjusted to punch the 2 holes I need…so the long task of punching everything will have to wait…What does all this have to do with my Grandmother’s apron? Well… Stories in Hand has me thinking (as well as asking questions of John about his memories of things)…I get an RSS feed from Confessions of an Apron Queen – not sure how I got started with that one, but all the vintage aprons remind me of my Grandma Griswold (Nana to the girls).  She always wore an apron (even ironed them…). When she died my Mom gave me a few of her aprons…I still have one reversible one.  I don’t wear it that often because it is one that ties at the waist and, well, I tend to splatter all over me when I cook so go for the bib type. This blog gives aprons away randomly each week, so if you are interested in an apron you can always go check it out at the blog or go to the store .  I just realized I have put in 2 plugs in 2 days for products…not the norm for me…

So, Hilary spent from 8:45 PM to 3:10 AM in the ER at South Shore Hospital.  Her throat had been bothering her and I had made an appointment for her for next week when she is home, but her throat was swelling too much…so we told her to go ahead and get it checked.  After a bazillion tests (and many texts messages from her), they gave her 1000 mg tylenol, steroids and a prescription for a Z-pack antibiotic.  We still aren’t clear on the verdict…she was to get more information today, and of course with HIPAA I can’t get information even though she is on my health insurance policy.  She will still see our Doctor on Friday.  Please keep her in prayer that she feels better and we get some real answers, not just medication.

Do the Happy Friday Dance!

Feeling Like November…

The weather has cooled off and it is raining right now…it was spitting snow Tuesday and a little bit this afternoon.  It will be here soon enough.  I feel like this month is flying by and soon it will be Christmas.  I want the holidays to come because all the girls will be home, yet I don’t want it to come too fast.  Lindsey is already listening to Christmas music…she has always loved Christmas and begins playing music after her birthday (Oct. 31).

Even though I have been busy with work and One Voice, I signed up for a free online class offered by Jessica Sprague called Stories in Hand.  The title intrigued me…I do a good job of scrapbooking our family photos and do some journaling, but am realizing I don’t always tell enough of the story.  She has designed a system for helping people remember and preserve those memories.  This week has been a lot of preparation of materials.  The class started Monday, but I didn’t get to print anything out until today and will put it all together tomorrow night.  As things were printing I began thinking about memories, good and bad, I have of all my family memories.  Like:

  • John – calling my Dad and asking if he could marry me and my Dad joking and saying, “Yes, but there had better be no red-headed babies…”  Dad was convinced that Irishmen had red hair, and of course Hilary had strawberry blonde hair when she was little
  • Lindsey – besides, almost dying on us, hating change of any kind…when she was about 5 we rearranged the furniture in her bedroom and she fussed and complained for a few days.  She hated change so much that when we went to town to do errands she’d ask where we were going and I’d recite the list…if I did not go to those places in that order she’d say, “You lied to me, you said we were going here and here and here…”  Oh my…
  • Hilary – crawling under my bed with Katie and cutting Katie’s hair – going outside after Hurricane Hugo and lapping water out of a mud puddle with a stray border collie that showed up in our yard…and then there are the constant silly faces
  • Katie – following Hilary (ReeRee) wherever she went (until she got about 5…) and doing whatever Hil told her to (sounds like trouble to me) – sliding down the front stairs on her belly and hitting the front door full face (still not sure how she didn’t break her nose OR have bruising…)

Many more stories to be remembered…I started handwritten books for the girls when I was laid up for 6 months with a broken leg…but they were never finished.  With my laptop I should be able to do this much faster and am looking forward to telling the story of our family…I have a feeling there will be many pages of just journaling to eventually end up in our scrapbooks.  So thank you Jessica Sprague for your wonderful gift.

Speaking of gifts, through an RSS feed I get I saw that Snapfish and Oprah have teamed up to give free 8-1/2 x 11 photo books!  You got that right – you pay the $6.99 s/h.  The catch is you have to sign up for the coupon before midnight 11/14 and have your photos uploaded and book done before midnight 11/16.  So, if you have the time in the next few days…go for it!

Happy Thursday everyone and savor the memories (good and bad) of your life!

Oh yeah, Hil has been doing PR for ENC’s version of American Idol (NAZZY IDOL).  Here is her photo, even though she isn’t a participant she wanted to take advantage of the lighting…


Like I said, the constant faces…she just called and is on the way to a Walk-In clinic with throat issues (I’m wondering if it is strep…pray).  Also, here’s a new picture of Katie swing dancing outside…


Sorry Linds…you need to get someone to take some pictures of you for me…

The End…really this time!

A Warm November Week…

I can’t believe how warm it has been this week – in the upper 50’s-low 60’s.  That is not normal for November, but I’ll take it.  The down side is when we get our normal weather it will feel extra cool.  I had a great week at school – I love my job. I know not everyone can say that, so I thank God every day for allowing me to do what I love. I had a long One Voice production meeting Friday night and rehearsal on Saturday. It was mostly choreography, so I didn’t get to work with my drama cast as much as I had planned. Hopefully we’ll do some run-throughs with the music, choreography and drama Monday night.

We had 2 other Pastors/Wives over for lunch today. We filled ourselves with clam chowder and minestrone soup, turkey and ham sandwiches, veggies and dip (and some pumpernickel bread and dill dip – haven’t made that in ages) and hot fudge pudding cake for dessert.  We talked, laughed, shared for hours – it was great having Steve and Cindy and Steve and Pam here…sorry you couldn’t make it Bryce and Barb – maybe next time.  Right now John is playing NFL on the Wii…he is Tom Brady, as always, and the Pats are winning – just like they did today – hooray!

I have no school Monday and Tuesday (Energy Conservation Day and Veterans Day).  I am going with 7 other women on a 3 hour road trip to IKEA south of Boston.  I am the only one that has ever been there and they have wanted to go…so we are off EARLY tomorrow morning and plan to be back before the rush hour traffic.  It’s a good thing I have leftovers since we have One Voice rehearsal tomorrow night.  John has Tuesday off as well, so I think we are going to work on the basement and the garage and get things organized before the cold weather comes.

Even though I was not an Obama supporter, it is historic to have the first African-American President-elect.  I was reminded by a friend of this verse in Proverbs 21:1…”The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord; He directs it like a watercourse, wherever HE pleases.”  I will be praying more than ever for our country.

Have a great evening!


I ended up with a horrible migraine Sunday afternoon that continued through Monday…I did go to school, but should have stayed home.  MANY doses of meds did not help Sunday.  I rested after school and did go to One Voice rehearsal, then right to bed.  I have felt better today, although can tell I am tired.  John headed to CT to see his folks this afternoon; he’ll be back tomorrow night.  I spent a few hours cleaning and packing up some stuff in our bedroom.  It felt good to be productive, for a change.  Right now I am winding down and considering an early bed time…I can’t change the election…I voted…and prayed.  Hope you’ve had a great start to your week.