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Here’s some Total Momsense

I cracked up at this…she is GREAT! Do any of those phrases sound familiar?


Not much new here…except it is HOT and HUMID! Thank goodness we have 2 a/c units downstairs! I spent yesterday sorting and rearranging stuff in Hilary’s room and a closet – I knew it would be TOO hot up there to do it today. Today I was back at the dentist for work on 2 more baby teeth. Thankfully these were both on top, so it wasn’t as long or painful as last week. I have one wisdom tooth they want me to have out – guess I’ll have to call about that. I need to begin work organizing, throwing out and rearranging the laundry room, but I haven’t been too motivated yet…John made it to PA last night – or I should say 1:30AM today. I haven’t talked to him, just got a text message at 1:30AM. There must have been some delay getting his luggage and rental car in Philly because we figured he’d be there by 12:30AM. I’m hoping he’ll call later, but more importantly I’m praying that God uses this time to make clear his path…our path for the future. He’ll be back Thursday PM. Update: John just called – there was construction outside the Philly airport that held him up for 45 minutes last night. He is living on caffeine right now. The meetings are over for the night so he thought he’d go for a walk and/or swim and then get something to eat. It’ll probably be an early night for him to make up for the lack of sleep last night.

Katie is with International Toast in ME at the recording studio for the next three days – leaving around 8 AM and hoping to be back by 8 PM. I was looking at a picture from her graduation party and realized how much she looks like my Dad. He always wore a hat; had a whole shelf of them by the back door, he also had dimples and an infectious smile. In this photo Katie looks like her Grandpa with the hat, dimples and smile.

ALP Sunny Days Quickpage 8 by Anita Designs

Finally Finished…

Hilary called and she’s had a good week with campers. Another week starts on Monday. Katie is singing with International Toast tonight at the Relay for Life at the Nick – it will be a late night for her. Her friend from Africa, Chantal, is in the States, so she is there with her.

I finally finished the pages for “Alive Forever” from Easter with One Voice and here they are. To see it larger click on the slideshow and then click on original view at the next website. EnJOY!

Warm Spiced Cocoa Kit by Eva Kipler
Bent Kwikstaks by Kim Hollibone

Not exactly as planned…

Well, Katie’s birthday did not exactly go as planned yesterday. She did spend some time with International Toast and a little time with Chelsi, but that was far from the plans of two days camping at Old Orchard Beach since Chelsi had to work yesterday and found out she had to work until noon today…SO…I had bought a cake for Katie and thought she’d eat it with us…she was so irritated when she came home last night she cut into the cake and got out the American Idol Triple Talent Ice Cream and had at it…I never got a picture of her 18th birthday cake. Today she and Chelsi had made plans A-Z, I think. When they finally got to leave they headed for Old Orchard Beach…

And this is what they did….

HAHAHAHA!! This and sending me a phone pix of a tatoo…after many quick text messages to confirm that it was rub-on…no…but not real…henna….whew! What a kid!

Happy 18th Birthday Katie!!!

It’s hard to believe that my baby is 18 today!

SDavis Spring Freebie at Scappin Digi Kreations


Well…school is done and Lindsey is back in NC. As of 3 PM yesterday I have summer vacation. Kate’s last voice/piano recital was last night in Meredith. When I got back from the dentist today (SOOO much fun), John and I took Lindsey to Portland to fly back to NC. Tomorrow is Katie’s 18th birthday! I made this gift purse for her. The photo is her and International Toast and it says, “I like my Toast with JAM!”. I plan to finish another photo project for her tomorrow…

Jan Hosford Loving Spring Kit and Quickpage

Katie’s Graduation

It’s been a busy weekend. Lindsey arrived from NC, family arrived from RI and CT and of course Katie graduated from High School. I am tired and so glad that I have 1-1/2 days left of school and one of those is Field Day. I’m ready for a bit of a break. Enjoy the slideshow of Katie’s graduation. (Mom and Melodie…look closely at the 2007 photo decoration…Dad is in the photo bottom left holding Katie in the hospital when she was born…click on the photo and it will take you to slide, then click on the photo again and it will enlarge it)

I love MY man!!!

John had today off. When I pulled in the yard after school, his truck was parked out front. I pulled in front of it and got ready to get out. I saw John sitting on the front steps THEN I saw that he had tilled, dug, planted and mulched a border of ageratums along the walkway! As I got closer I saw orange out of the corner of my eye…he had dug up the old flowerbed and planted ageratum and marigolds there! He said he made sure what he planted could handle full sun. He said he thought I’d like some color and for it to look nice when people came for Kate’s party. WOW!!! I was so surprised and blown away by the gift of his time to do this for me. What a guy!

Polar Caves and Playing…

I went with the 5th grade to the Polar Caves today. Now…I had in mind something like Linville Cavern in NC (guess I should have looked up the difference between a cavern and a cave…from the Blue Holes Foundation…the difference between a cave and cavern…no natural light in a cave and natural light in a cavern). The hiking was fine, but with an ankle with very little range of motion and two bad wrists (plus a camera around my neck), climbing in and out of caves with names like Devil’s Way, Lemon Squeeze, Needle’s Eye and Fatman’s Misery…well I was up and down slippery rocks using stairs, hands, feet and bohunkus!!! The kids had a blast! I’ll take Linville Caverns any day!!!

While browsing another blog I came across this website that lets you put music videos on your blog. Since this is the week John and I celebrated our 28th anniversary (see photos and post for 6/9), I decided to put up the song that is his ringtone. Obviously this song was not around when John proposed, but we both like the song and the video…enjoy!

Happy Birthday REE!!!

Today Hilary is 20 years old! It’s hard to believe. My twin “kids” Mary Elizabeth and Gary Helms turn 40 today! They are getting old – not me ;0). Anyway…in honor of Hilary’s BDay – here is a quickpage. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REE REE! I love you!

Spring Freebie Quickpage by Sammy D Kreations
at ScrappinDigiKreations