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Sunny Saturday…

I just found this picture of me and my sister, Melodie, when I was looking for something else. I realized I have VERY few pictures of her, let alone pictures of the two of us together. This photo was taken in July 2003, but I guess we haven’t changed much. I thought I’d share “My sister…My friend” with you. LOVE YOU MELODIE (DingLee-LOL).

JennyLimayo Love is You Quick Page

It is SO nice to see the sun today. I’ve had a busy week with One Voice production and next week is the final week before performances on Friday PM and Saturday afternoon. I only have Wednesday night off. I am mentally preparing and trying to stock the house with grab and go meals. Somehwhere in there I’ll have to make sure I have everything for Sunday dinner – the menu is planned, just don’t have all ingredients yet.

John decided to go with Katie and me to Portsmouth today. Kate’s friend, Chelsi, had been in Myrtle Beach, SC for a week and just got back. She came with us too. We were quickly successful at our first stop for a petticoat for Kate’s prom dress (yeah!). We then headed to the mall – the girls to shop for “accessories”, me to just browse, and John to the tool department at Sears. I had given him a gift card as part of his Christmas so he could go pick out a tool box. Great idea – problem was he never put the card in his wallet, so we’d be near a Sears and he’d say “Oh, I should have put that card in my wallet!”. This AM I suggested he go do it right then (actually suggested it several times – but he was in another time zone I think). We were almost to Chelsi’s house when he realized he DIDN’T have the card with him. Thankfully it was only a few minutes from home. He found a nice toolbox and will finally have most of his stuff in one place. I hit BJ’s and the rest of the gang went into several other stores and ended up in Best Buy. We got home around 4:30 PM.

The house is a wreck, so Kate helped with a few things and now she and Chelsi are off to see a few friends. John is working on his message upstairs (or asleep on the loveseat up there…). I hope to get a few things done, but a short nap sounds pretty good to me too. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow too and then cooler and rainy again for Mon-Thurs. Oh well… I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Please keep the One Voice production of “Alive Forever!” in prayer this week – we’ll need it!


Long Week…

I can’t believe it has been a week since I posted, but it was a LONG week. One Voice and the NH Educational Theater Guild Festival kept me busy this week. I am SO glad that today was an In-Service at school, but I didn’t have to go – I needed the day home to catch up on things. I do have a One Voice rehearsal tonight.

I have been in a “funk” the past week or two – mostly fighting with God about the circumstances around me. I know being mad at God is foolish, but He already knew I was (I mean He knows EVERYTHING), so I figured I could go ahead and tell Him. I “had it out” with Him one night (we know who won that one LOL). I’m still not thrilled with the circumstances around me or the lack of answers about the future and direction, but I’m coping with things better. I KNOW God wants what is best for me and my family; I just have felt like there have been “carrots” dangled in front of our faces and then taken away. I don’t want/need the whole picture, but I sure would like a glimpse. So, I am trying to take it moment by moment and not look at the future, although John and I feel some decisions should be made in the next 3-6 months. ANYWAY…

One of my “kids” that I love dearly was home this weekend after completing Basic training and conquering the “Crucible” at Marine Boot Camp. I am SOOO proud of David. I was worried about him 6 months ago – he too was mad at God about a lot of things – but I looked into his eyes yesterday and saw a different man. Thank you God! Below is a quick LO of MY David and his fiancee, Ali. He goes to Camp LeJeune April 7th for 8 more weeks of training.

Well, back to laundry and cleaning – yuk!

Lazy weekend…

One Voice was cancelled for Friday PM due to the snow storm – we ended up with about 8 inches of snow and then sleet. Saturday was a lazy day around here, so I got some odds and ends caught up. I woke up with a headache today, so came home after church, heated up leftovers for everyone and took a LONG nap. I feel better now.

I am amazed by how many people who scrapbook are believers – I feel connected to them in many ways. As I was scanning a blog today I came across this wonderful slideshow that is a “call to arms” for women. You can look at it HERE, click on the first slide and the show will start, and I hope you enjoy it. Rest well and have a wonderful Monday.

Long Time No Post…

I can’t believe it has been a week since I last posted. There has been a lot going on around here. I’ve kept busy with One Voice several nights, Hilary home for Spring Break, Arts Knight(yes it is Knight – they are the Kingswood Knights), feeding 60 kids during the final week of drama rehearsal, working and…a bunch of other stuff.

It was good to have Hilary home for a few days. As many appointments as she had while she was home I really think she was home for “repairs”. She just left with John for CT. They’ll visit with John’s folks for the night and then John will drive her to meet Andrew, an hour away, then John will go back and spend the rest of Thursday with his folks and come home tomorrow night. I hope to get caught up on housework and sleep tonight. Speaking of sleep, Katie is back into the being tired mode – not a good thing for a High School Senior. Right now she is enjoying the pleasure of “Hamlet” and a big paper due on Friday. I remember those days…

Most of this post is going to be photos. I took a lot of pictures at Arts Knight, but will only post a few – Katie had an entire WALL of paintings, drawings, etc. The rest of the photos will be from the Tamworth Dog Sled Race. We managed to get there on Saturday and had a great time. 2 of the children from my school were there, so I got some photos of them trying the job of “musher”. They were so cute. I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope things slow down a bit here. Thanks for looking.

“Happy Feet” received Honorable Mention at the Plymouth Regional Art Festival

Backstage Theater Lights

You can tell Kate loves music and theater by her artwork.

She thinks she is short, so this is her favorite pair of dress shoes.
My Aunt Mary was a wonderful artist – Kate must get her talent from that side of the family. I think Aunt Mary would be SO proud of Kate’s work!

Izzy and Ruthie

Teams and Mushers coming through the Finish Line.

Hilary, Katie and John

It was a GREAT day!

BRRRRRR – Part 2!

Once again we are in a deep freeze! It was -4 degrees and very windy when I went to school yesterday and 4 degrees when I came home. They said it was -30 with the windchill. This morning it was -15 degrees in the AM, but up to 20 degrees when I came home. Tomorrow is supposed to be below zero with windchill, but then we are supposed to warm up. We might even hit the 40’s on Sunday. That’ll feel like a heat wave! I really feel badly for John – he is out in this cold all day.

When I came home yesterday our telephone lines had snapped and there were wires laying all over the ground. Those wires had pulled the powerlines down into our trees. We kept power, but have had no phone since yesterday. The phone company wouldn’t come until the utility company fixed their lines. That was done today, so tomorrow we are supposed to get our phone back. It has been kind of nice with no telemarketers calling (I shouldn’t be getting those calls since we are supposed to be on the DO NOT CALL LIST…).

Katie’s school is hosting the NH Drama Festival this year – never done that before. Last night was the parents meeting. The Festival is 3/24 and it looks like Kate and I will be there from 6AM on to handle registration with a few other people. I hope they keep the coffee coming ;0). Tomorrow night is Arts Knight (yes, I spelled it right – the mascot is the “Knights”). The middle-high school chorus and band perform, plus all the art classes have displays. Kate told me that she has her own WALL for art! I am so excited to see it – hope to get a picture. Even though music is her passion, she is an excellent artist. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

Off to work on blocking ideas for the One Voice production. Blessings to all who read this.

Duke vs Carolina!!!

I am a Tarheel born and bred. I grew up on ACC basketball. Duke will always be my favortie team – part of that I’m sure is Coach K. This is a quick post so that I can go cheer on those Blue Devils!

This LO is a gift for my friend, KAnn (gonna deliver it tomorrow). She, her DH and newborn son were an important part of the One Voice production of “A Christmas to Remember”. She didn’t have any photos of this event so I created this for her. The photos are a bit blurry (no flash allowed, but did have the monopod), but I thought she might like this anyway.

Back to the game…and back to school tomorrow!

Earthen Vessel at ScrapGirls
Template by KimLizzy

On a Roll…

I seem to be on a digiscrapping roll – imagine what could have been accomplished if I had really been able to spend the whole week scrapping. I did get the house ready for the onslaught of Monday and John and I had supper with friends tonight while Kate worked. It was a crazy weather day – sun, rain, sleet, and snow!

Here’s what I accomplished today. I found this hat in July and knew I had to have it for school. The kids and staff loved it. The top is a spiral that “boings” and it lights up. I even wore it in the grocery store (after wearing it all day I had hat hair, so what else could I do). I had kids and adults following me through the store and saying “Cool Hat”. I had an elderly gentleman tell me it was the best hat he had ever seen. I don’t typically do things like this, but it was a lot of fun. Hope it gives you a giggle.

Christmas Whimsy kit at ScrapGirls
Triple Treat Template by Jamie Rouselle

I also found this black and white photo of Hilary and Andrew. I liked the sketchiness of the photo as well as the looks on their faces – happy together. I rarely do a one photo layout, but the kit screamed for me to use it with the photo. I sent it to Hilary as an E-card; she and Andrew both liked it. Ahh…the joys of the internet – instant access to your kids no matter where they live.

Black and White kit by Misty Cato

I’m feeling good about finally accomplishing some scrapping and I am ready to go back to school – miss my kids. Tomorrow will be a low key day for the family after church. Blessings to you today!

LOTS of snow and more digiscrapping done…

It has snowed ALL day! I’d say there is 12-16″ on the ground. John has been out twice to snowblow and he has cleaned all the cars off! I, on the other hand, have spent much time on the computer being creative. I made our March calendar and got some info put on an April one. I got really neat calendar templates from a Scrapbook-Bytes E-zine and I’ve had fun with them. You can buy the E-zine here. I chose a picture of my Mom for our March calendar. I liked the look on her face and the colors in her shirt matched the LO. Here’s what I did:

I also did a layout for Lindsey. I am SO proud of her. She left right after she graduated from Eastern University in May ’06 for NC to find a job teaching Spanish. My sister has been great to provide her housing and God provided a wonderful job teaching at Unionville Elementary school where she went to school grades K-2! I had a photo of her when she was a student there and one from when I visited in November. This moment deserved recognition so here it is:

The wordart says: Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born. – Dale E. Turner

Credits: Paper and Wordart from Vintage Shabby
Bent Photo template by Jennilynn

AND, I even got a LO done for Hilary. She enjoys her friends SO much and I love the photos she sends me or posts on her website. These are just a few of the great photos I have of her with friends.

Papers and embellishments from Admiration by saraAmarie
Template 8 by ConnyB

I guess I’ll have to get some cleaning done tomorrow since Monday is back to work. Who knows, I might even find time to do a few more layouts!

One done…many to go…

Well, I managed to get one layout done and a calendar for March for the desktop and blog. So, I guess that is progress. I also made a chocolate pound cake and gotten the oil changed on both Subarus. I need to get the checkbook balanced before I play any more.

We are expecting 10-20+ inches of snow tomorrow (that gives the weatherman LOTS of scientific buffer…). I don’t know what that means for our trip to Concord to hear Hilary and Acappella tomorrow night.

The layout is of the Winter Carnival at the High School. Katie, her beau du jour Ben, and her best friend Chelsi. They had a great time. Hope you enjoy the layout. Now, I must get back to work.

Blog Template freebie by Misty Cato
Papers fromm Raspberry Creme at Scrapper’s Guide
Embellishments from Bella by Thao Cosgrove at Scrapgirls
Beautiful child by me, my dh and the good Lord (LOL)

She’s fine…and I can’t believe it is Wednesday!

I got the best news yesterday – Lindsey does not have multiple myeloma! God is so good!

I am so glad I have this week off of school. I had great plans, as usual, to do some fun things for me – like some digiscrapping. Well, it’s Wednesday and nothing is done yet…amazing how life gets in the way. Friday I found out I have a sinus infection so started on the whole antibiotic thing. I spent 2-1/2 hours Friday night and 5 hours Saturday at One Voice meetings. One Voice had flown in Frank Bowman to help us with set design, script completion and SOOO many things. Monday I just felt plain crudy…so didn’t accomplish much until about 8 PM when I finally had some life in me and cleaned downstairs including mopping the kitchen at 9 PM. Then I crashed again. Tuesday I met Dona Lynn for final script writing for about 4 hours. Praise God it is complete. Frank helped her with some blocking and lighting ideas. It feels great to have that BIG project done.

John got to have a real day off today! It was great having home. I finished taxes and lots of paperwork. We just hung around here; talked about what our future holds and drank LOTS of coffee. He is looking in so many directions – it would be great if God would give us a glimpse or clue as to what HE is up to. Right now we both feel clueless!! It’s great to know that when I am clueless God has the plan all worked out – it’s hard to not be anxious sometimes though.

No real plans for the rest of the week except to go to the ACAPELLA concert in Concord on Friday to see Hilary, Andrew and the gang. The week is going to be over way too soon! I hope to get some digiscrapping done tomorrow. We’ll see…

Even in the uncertainty about the future I can praise the Lord – He is in control!