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I’ve been to PA and CT and back since Friday night…will update sometime tomorrow.

Maybe…just maybe…

There has been a lot going on the past few days – many thoughts, activities, etc., but tonight was a treat.  John and I went to hear the Northern Lights Youth Choir sing at Calvary Bible Church in Meredith.  Years ago, in another life (or another lifetime) John and I were a part of the lives of many of these kids, their siblings and the adults involved with the choir.  As I sat there recognizing many of the faces I had not seen in almost 9 years, tears came to my eyes.  I was proud of them, their families and what God was doing in and through them.  Some of these kids were born, accepted the Lord and were baptized when John pastored in Maine.  I taught many of these kids in Junior Church.  It had been a long time since I had seen them.  My heart rejoiced as I got hugs from many of them (thank you kids).  Sometimes you wonder if your life has made a difference in the lives of others…tonight I wondered if maybe, just maybe, God had used the good (and bad) of our lives to make a small difference in these beautiful lives.  I pray He is using us now – I believe He is using me with my kids at school.  Thank you God.

What a Day!

It was a long week with all of the One Voice rehearsals, but it was well worth it.  God used those of us involved to share his love with 1000+ people in the Lakes Region of NH!

We got up early this morning to go to the sunrise service on top of Ossipee Mountain – it is ALWAYS cold and windy up there, so the service is always brief.  We enjoyed breakfast at the church followed by the morning service where 4 people were baptized. We had Easter dinner around 2 PM with a wonderful honey baked ham.

Late this afternoon we got word via Fox news that Captain Phillips had been rescued from the pirates.  He is the brother of my friend, Dawn, and we had been praying for all of them.  We also got news that Alton Bay Christian Conference Center is currently on fire and many cottages have been destroyed; including one we used to stay in owned by our friends, the Kofstads.  It is so sad.  Current photos are available here.

Hilary and Katie leave tomorrow.  It has been good to have them home for a few days.  I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Hallelujah! He is risen!!!

Wow – it’s been a long time…

I am here, I’ve just had a lot going on.  I’ve been busy, but it has been an enjoyable busy.  I have been helping with the play “Cinderella” one afternoon a week at school.  Last week I was helping the “mice” sew their skirts.  That was interesting with a sewing machine I wasn’t familiar with and girls who had done little, if any, sewing.  It reminded me of when Lindsey was in the Unionville 4-H and they taught the kids to sew.  They had a pattern, fabric and an adult helper.  They took the kids to the Co-Op office in “downtown” Monroe where there was a room full of sewing machines.  Each child sat in an adult’s lap and they sewed together.  I have also been working with One Voice for Easter (yes, Melodie – I DID do it again – this time has not been as long or as stressful).  The performance is called “May We Never Lose the Wonder of the Cross”.  It is coming together and this week is the killer week with rehearsals at Guilford High School every night except tonight.  Performances are Fri and Sat.  This afternoon was my only chance to get groceries before Easter.  I actually splurged and had a Spiral Honey Ham from the Honey Ham Store delivered to the house.  I will put the girls to work helping get food ready and have John lined up for some things too – delegation (or we don’t have Easter dinner…).

I LOVE my job – I know many people can’t say that, so I am grateful that I can.  The staff are great, I adore my kids and I believe I am making a difference in their lives.

That’s life in a nutshell.  I probably won’t be back on until after Easter, so I hope you enjoy celebrating our Risen Lord!