Sunny Saturday…

I just found this picture of me and my sister, Melodie, when I was looking for something else. I realized I have VERY few pictures of her, let alone pictures of the two of us together. This photo was taken in July 2003, but I guess we haven’t changed much. I thought I’d share “My sister…My friend” with you. LOVE YOU MELODIE (DingLee-LOL).

JennyLimayo Love is You Quick Page

It is SO nice to see the sun today. I’ve had a busy week with One Voice production and next week is the final week before performances on Friday PM and Saturday afternoon. I only have Wednesday night off. I am mentally preparing and trying to stock the house with grab and go meals. Somehwhere in there I’ll have to make sure I have everything for Sunday dinner – the menu is planned, just don’t have all ingredients yet.

John decided to go with Katie and me to Portsmouth today. Kate’s friend, Chelsi, had been in Myrtle Beach, SC for a week and just got back. She came with us too. We were quickly successful at our first stop for a petticoat for Kate’s prom dress (yeah!). We then headed to the mall – the girls to shop for “accessories”, me to just browse, and John to the tool department at Sears. I had given him a gift card as part of his Christmas so he could go pick out a tool box. Great idea – problem was he never put the card in his wallet, so we’d be near a Sears and he’d say “Oh, I should have put that card in my wallet!”. This AM I suggested he go do it right then (actually suggested it several times – but he was in another time zone I think). We were almost to Chelsi’s house when he realized he DIDN’T have the card with him. Thankfully it was only a few minutes from home. He found a nice toolbox and will finally have most of his stuff in one place. I hit BJ’s and the rest of the gang went into several other stores and ended up in Best Buy. We got home around 4:30 PM.

The house is a wreck, so Kate helped with a few things and now she and Chelsi are off to see a few friends. John is working on his message upstairs (or asleep on the loveseat up there…). I hope to get a few things done, but a short nap sounds pretty good to me too. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow too and then cooler and rainy again for Mon-Thurs. Oh well… I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Please keep the One Voice production of “Alive Forever!” in prayer this week – we’ll need it!

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