Long Week…

I can’t believe it has been a week since I posted, but it was a LONG week. One Voice and the NH Educational Theater Guild Festival kept me busy this week. I am SO glad that today was an In-Service at school, but I didn’t have to go – I needed the day home to catch up on things. I do have a One Voice rehearsal tonight.

I have been in a “funk” the past week or two – mostly fighting with God about the circumstances around me. I know being mad at God is foolish, but He already knew I was (I mean He knows EVERYTHING), so I figured I could go ahead and tell Him. I “had it out” with Him one night (we know who won that one LOL). I’m still not thrilled with the circumstances around me or the lack of answers about the future and direction, but I’m coping with things better. I KNOW God wants what is best for me and my family; I just have felt like there have been “carrots” dangled in front of our faces and then taken away. I don’t want/need the whole picture, but I sure would like a glimpse. So, I am trying to take it moment by moment and not look at the future, although John and I feel some decisions should be made in the next 3-6 months. ANYWAY…

One of my “kids” that I love dearly was home this weekend after completing Basic training and conquering the “Crucible” at Marine Boot Camp. I am SOOO proud of David. I was worried about him 6 months ago – he too was mad at God about a lot of things – but I looked into his eyes yesterday and saw a different man. Thank you God! Below is a quick LO of MY David and his fiancee, Ali. He goes to Camp LeJeune April 7th for 8 more weeks of training.

Well, back to laundry and cleaning – yuk!


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