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While I was visiting Lindsey I went with her to a Saturday night service at Elevation Church – Matthews.  I really appreciate the passion for God and vision of Pastor Steven Furtick.  The sermon that night was on Matthew 6:33.  “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (NIV)  He talked about investments – all kinds of investments and how financial investments have depreciated in the last year.  He contrasted them to investments in the Kingdom of God and the great appreciation those investments make in the lives of other people as they come to know Christ.  He was right when he said we live in a world that focuses on the Kingdom of the THINGdom of BLINGdom.  Bigger is better and more is even better.  I was struck that night by thinking of the people who had made investments in my life and thanking God for how He has used me as I choose to invest in the lives of others and guide them to Him and then grow them in Him.  What Pastor Steven had to say, plus the book I am reading, have really had be sorting through my priorities. Am I investing in the right things for this time in my life?  I want to make investments that point people to Christ.  I am thankful for God’s Word that is a great investment tool.

It’s an uncertain time for our financial investments, but I pray that you have the joy of Jesus investments.


I had a BLAST!

So – I started this post 2 days ago and finally have time to finish it…

Thursday after school I headed to Portland to catch a plane to Charlotte to spend the weekend with Lindsey.  Evidently there was some sort of computer glitch that was messing up flights, but my flight made it out and I made my connection at Dulles.  I spent that night at Lindsey’s apartment.  While I was getting ready the next morning I commented on how poor the lighting was in the bathroom.  I told her if I wasn’t careful I’d come out looking like Aunt Lottie.  It’s funny what you remember at the oddest times. Of course, she didn’t know who that was, so I had to describe the “colorful” little lady.  She tried to be fashionable, but she never learned the “less is more” concept about fashion.  Bright colors and LOTS of bright lipstick were always evident.  Lindsey took me for biscuits and gravy at Jimmie’s in Mint Hill, then Melodie joined us and we headed to the Southern Christmas Show at the Merchandise Mart. We parked behind the Bojangles Coliseum/Ovens Auditorium and I told Lindsey I had graduated from High School at Ovens Auditorium.

We thought we’d be at the Show for 3+ hours.  We arrived around 12PM and left about 8:45PM!!! This was a shopper’s dream!  Who would have thought so much entertainment could be found in one place!  There were Christmas displays, all kinds of shops set up by local merchants and then another BIG section that was craftsmen and artisans from all across the South.  We laughed, giggled, ate and shopped.  I got quite a few Christmas presents and stocking stuffers (and of course a few things for me).  My biggest purchase was my Miche bag.  I have an addiction to purses.  This seemed like a good way to curb the addiction (and the show special was a great incentive).  [Addendum to Miche bag story – Katie is home from college and checked it out – she then went to the distributor in Conway and bought her own Miche – guess I am the “cool” Mom if my 20 year old wants a purse like mine – haha] After supper at Chili’s we headed home,  Lindsey had to avoid being hit so she went across the road and quickly turned into an empty parking lot.  After meandering to find the exit she decided to do “donuts” in the parking lot.  She just kept going around and around and around.  Melodie and I were laughing so hard we cried.  This is not at all what you would expect of Lindsey.  SO, I decided to text Hilary and Katie and tell them what their sister was doing.  What I thought I had sent was, “You sister just did 25 donuts in the parking lot and Aunt Melodie is cackling in the back seat.”  A few minutes later I get this message from Katie, “MOM – check the first 4 words of that message! Don’t give me a heart attack!!”.  So I read what I thought I had sent only to discover that one little additional letter made a HUGE difference in the message.  What I had sent said, “You sister just died 25 donuts in the parking lot and Aunt Melodie is cackling in the back seat.” HAHAHA!  My next two thoughts were 1) Do you think I would have sent you a TEXT if your sister had died? and 2) Maybe my next phone should have a qwerty keyboard ;0)

I did not take a camera with me, so we had to use my phone (poor pictures).  The sign is one I hear on a regular basis and the other photo was taken at the backdrop to the Charlotte Observer table.

I spent Friday and Saturday nights at Melodie’s house.  Saturday Lindsey and I goofed off around town (hit Chick-Fil-A for lunch) and then went to the 6:00PM service at Elevation Church.  We then went back to Melodie’s to enjoy some of the Unionville School Barbeque and Brunswick Stew that Lindsey had frozen and saved just for us.  There is NOTHING like Unionville Barbeque and it is an amazing fundraiser for the school.  Thanks for sharing Lindsey!  Sunday Lindsey had responsibilities at 2 services at Elevation’s Providence campus, so I stayed with Melodie and we met Lindsey for lunch at McAlister’s. Yum!  After the good-byes, Lindsey took me to the airport and I headed home.  I’ve always considered Charlotte home – I mean I was born there and have spent 17 years of my life there (on and off) and it’s just well…home – a wonderful place.  The thing I realized as I was leaving was that I couldn’t wait to get home to John…which told me that HOME is really wherever the man I love is – so for right now it’s NH.

I began reading a book on the plane called CLOSER THAN YOUR SKIN.  I need to read some more and then do a post…I bought the book 18 months ago, but God knew I needed this book now.  He’s good like that.

Monday was spent catching up and stuff around the house and beginning T’Day preparations.  Here are some of the cupcakes I made to keep the troops satisfied until T’Day.

Tuesday I had a workshop at school from 8AM-12PM, then I headed to Bonhoeffer’s in Nashua to get a good cup of coffee from my favorite barista (aka Hilary).  I got to spend a few minutes with her and can’t wait to have her home for Thanksgiving.  From there I went to the Mall of NH in Manchester to do some Christmas shopping and have supper with my dear friend, Denise.  We had a nice supper at Ruby Tuesday and a great visit.  I wish it wasn’t such a long time between visits.  I did a little more looking around for gifts and then headed to the airport to pick up Katie.  Hooray!!!

Today has been spent doing all the usual preparations for Thanksgiving day.  I am SO thankful for my husband and darling daughters.  I’ll head to bed soon, but sleep lightly until Hilary arrives around 1:00 AM – yes – the time is correct.  I pray you have many things to be thankful!


My darling husband has been reading a book called IT.  Yesterday he posted this quote on his Facebook and it has had me thinking.

“To have “it”, you’ll have to choose not to do everything. Those who attempt to do everything always lose “it”.” – From the Book It by Craig Groeschel

I feel like this describes me right now.  I have lost “it”.  I’m still involved in things and those things seem to be going well, but I feel like I have 3 jobs right now.  I need IT back.  IT is more time with God, time with John, time for me, time for my kids, time for people.  Thankfully I will lose some things at the end of the year and I plan to find IT again.  How about you?

In other news, Katie is back to classes at EU, but won’t got back to teaching at the High School until next week.  Thanks for all your prayers.  Hilary is finishing up her second 60 hour work week between the two jobs, but seems happy and full of life.  I get to see Lindsey next week!  Hooray for an NC getaway!

Please pray for Katie.

After a few days of fever, Katie finally went to the ER today in PA.  She has H1N1.  They are not giving her meds – said she was healthy enough for her body to fight it.  She has to stay in her room until she has had no fever for 24 hours.  She is exhausted from not sleeping, but also stressed about school work.  Please keep her in your prayers.

I can’t wait to see this face…


turn back into this perky, happy-go-lucky Katie face.


Thanks for praying.