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Whirlwind of a few days…

After the craziness of the past few days, I have come to a profound revelation..It’s not easy being a Mom and it really doesn’t get easier as the kids get older. That’s profound – I know :0). Let me explain…

Katie and I left the Manchester airport Wednesday at 7 PM headed from Philadelphia and a 1 PM Thursday Music Scholarship Audition at Eastern University. We were to return to Manchester by 7:30 PM Thursday. The trip down was fine; the car rental company put me in a purple/blue sports car and we found our hotel with no problems. Thursday morning we did the natural thing and headed to the HUGE King of Prussia Mall lurking outside our hotel window. This place is so big you have to have a road map to find your way around. Even with the map we struggled to get to the few places we wanted to find. After hitting a wonderful shoe sale and browsing a few other places we grabbed lunch at my all time favorite fast food that you can’t find in New Hampshire – CHICK-FIL-A!! YUM!!! We headed to Eastern and a practice room for Katie. When it came time for the audition they asked me to stay. I was very impressed with Dr. Matthews and Teresa – the godly spirit and love I saw in them assured me that Katie had made the right choice for college. The next hour was torture for me. Katie did fine, but it was stressful…played 2 piano pieces, sang 2 vocal pieces, sight reading for piano and voice, music theory questions, ear training exercises, etc. etc. etc. Katie is the only child who has ever had to audition for a scholarship. I was amazed at how she kept her cool. I felt overwhelmed. We left the audition, got in the car -after fitting all the shoes we had bought in one suitcase ;0)- and headed to our favorite bakery to pick up Apple Pie Bread to take home. In the car Katie broke down – feeling very disappointed in how the audition had gone. Any reassurance from me was met with “you’re my Mom, you’re supposed to say that…” I gave her space while I checked out the Christian bookstore. By the time we headed for the airport she was doing better. All in all the audition did go well…we’ll know in about 2 weeks if there is any scholarship money available for her.

Hard being a Mom Part 2…While in the LONG security line at the airport my oldest daugter, Lindsey, called. She had been to the doctor for a follow-up on some blood test results that appeared abnormal. More tests have been taken. As of right now they are telling her it is either a flukey result, since she was sick when she came in the first time, or it could be multiple myeloma…the Mom heart was heavy again. It’ll be the end of next week before we know anything for certain. God is so good – He has given her peace and I have trusted her into His loving hands again (and again…and again). Prayer works wonders.

As I was flying home last night (the plane was late – I crawled in bed at 12:30 AM today) I was reminded of a layout I had seen be Thao Cosgrove (a wonderful digital artist). It was about her future and quoted Jeremiah. Her journaling shared about needing to look not at her current circumstances, but at the promises of God. (View the layout here). I felt like it was God’s way of saying that He has great plans in store for all three of my girls: Lindsey, Hilary and Katie. Their future is secure. Such a great God we have.


An Amazing God…

An interesting thing happened at church today. I was sharing in church about God’s sense of humor and how HE grows us (and our kids) into what HE wants them to be where HE wants them to be. Our oldest daughter, Lindsey, is a Spanish Teacher at an Elementary School in NC. She belongs to an AMAZING church – they grew from 90 to over 1300 in one year. You can check them out here . Her small group worked with Habitat for Humanity yesterday. The humor in it to me is that Lindsey is basically bones with skin stretched over them (love ya Linds, but you know it is true) and she was hanging and nailing drywall yesterday! You Go Girl!!! I am so proud of her, and I’d love to have been there with my camera ;0).

Anyway, here’s the REAL God thing…A couple from MA have a home near us. They come to church when they are in NH. There were there today and heard me talking about Lindsey and all she had done yesterday. Rita came and told me her daughter had recently moved to NC. I asked where and she said “Monroe”. MONROE!!! Lindsey teaches in Monroe! Rita has wanted to see her daughter involved in church again (and her grandchildren). I gave her the church name and web address. The God thing – if I hadn’t mentioned Lindsey, Rita wouldn’t have had a church name to give to her daughter. That is a God-incidence. It will be interesting to hear what Lindsey has to say about church today. The Pastor started a new series called “Bringing Sexy Back“. He sends out v-mails each week – this week he has in a leisure suit and playing disco music. The church is amazing. I hope Rita’s daughter will at least check them out.

Sunny Day…

After the horribly cold weather we’ve had it was nice to see the sun today. I had a One Voice meeting this morning. Lake Winnipesaukee was covered with bob houses and fishermen. Ice fishing…can’t understand the thrill of sitting in a little house on a frozen lake with some fishing line in a little hole…Oh well. The meeting went well. John now has the distinction of being the “Other Disciple” (affectionately termed “OD”) on the Emmaus Road scene. John worked until about 5 PM today. We actually sat down and had a hot meal together. Miracle of miracles. Of course he laid down on the couch and that was it – he’s down for the night. Katie is at the Winter Carnival dance, so I took advantage of the computer and created one layout and printed several previously completed. So… now I’m doing the stay awake until your daughter gets home thing. There is really no journaling on this layout except for a few small words on the pictures of me and John. They say “Grandpa Roland Look Part 1 and Grandpa Roland Look Part 2”. My Dad would always look over the top of his glasses at you (especially if you were being silly). The girls caught on to that at an early age and gave the look a name. It’s amazing how you can give that look without glasses on.

Credits: Christmas Whimsy by Keri Scheuller at Scrapgirls – template by someone else – can’t find the designer name

Still Cold…

The wind has been amazing the past two days! Thankfully I have not had to go outside for recess duty at school. I really feel bad for John. He is exhausted. He didn’t work Wednesday because of the storm, so now he and the rest of the drivers have to work tomorrow. He has worked 12-14 hour days this week PLUS he is now on call! I’m not sure what God has in mind for us…I just know that John can’t keep this schedule forever.

We had the Family Feast at church tonight. It was nice, but John couldn’t be there. Katie got a big surprise today. Over a year ago she had seen a dress on ebay that she wanted for her Senior Prom because “no one else would have one like it…”. I did not agree to buy it – I mean what if it didn’t fit or was junk? Plus Senior Prom was a year away. Last month she found the dress again. It is from a company that tailor makes a number of styles of formal dresses. SOOOO…I gave in this time and bid. We won! I paid more for shipping that I did for the dress. We were told it would be 3-5 weeks before the dress was shipped since they had to make it. TODAY, 2-1/2 weeks after paid for, the dress arrived by registered mail! Katie was SO excited and the dress fits perfectly! I’ll need to take her to get a hoop skirt for it (never thought I’d be taking one of my girls to do that!). I couldn’t resist a photo shoot and scrapbook page since the dress had a real story. Enjoy the layout. Katie’s smile says it all.

Credits: Papers and Page Elements “Bella” at Scrapgirls
Template: Tracy Blankenship February Sketch

The many texture layers are more than my normal style, but they seemed to fit the many layers and textures of the dress.

Lots of snow and "play" time…

Well, I got a snow day today; actually John did too – they didn’t want the drivers out when we are getting 30″ of snow! The down side is he’ll have to work on Saturday. For the first time ever I have stayed in my pjs and robe. It’s been kinda nice, but also seems strange. I spent last night trying to interpret (and I do mean interpret) html so that I could change my header or at least attempt to do that. I designed 2 different things, but really like the tunnel the best. Then I tried to make my html match another site – it did not work. I finally just tried to copy the html to a block on my layout and it magically appeared. It is not as long as I wish it was or really anything fancy, but I tried and discovered I can do it. So, maybe I’ll take the 3 night html course at the High School in May. It says it is for beginners and that is certainly me.

I made monkey bread this morning and after eating some discovered I can not eat as much sweet stuff as I used to. Katie and John had no problems, so the pan is almost empty. I spent part of the morning doing Hilary’s FAFSA. It is amazing all you have to fill in to be eligible to receive student aid. I’ll be doing Katie’s later today.

I know I went on a rant the last post. I received an email today that reminded me that God is in control and that there are passionate Christian people out there. He has placed His heart in many and I am grateful for that. I am glad HE is in control not me. I have to put aside my irritation and focus on HIM and get back to JOY in my journey. Thanks cyberfriend, you don’t even know what you did.

I’m heading back to enjoying my snow day. Maybe I’ll snowshoe and get some pictures tomorrow.

Rant and Fun…

First, the rant: I really do not like when Christian people use and manipulate others to get what they want. I detest games…especially when it affects so many people. I long to be part of a church where people are truly loving and their ultimate desire is to serve the King of Kings and share their love with those around them who don’t know the wonderful love of Jesus.

I spent Friday doing taxes. How is it when I still have 2 dd’s totally dependent on me the IRS can decide they are no longer a deduction at ages 17 and 19! It bugs me that once a kid turns 17 you lose the tax credit. SOOOO, consequently I owe Uncle Sam the cost of one 17 year old. Do you think the IRS would take her in trade?(JK!!!)

Katie has felt great the past few days. She has not complained about being tired. HOORAY! I took her and Chelsi to the Deb Shop (a teenage girls clothing paradise) on Saturday. They found cute dresses for the semi-formal on 2/17. John is struggling with a) his “baby” all dressed up and b) the current trend of “lingerie” fashion (as he called it). I finally found a photo travel mug at Starbucks. Yeah! I spent yesterday making a template and playing with it. The photos below are my final creation. I am so pleased with it and my mug is uniquely mine.

Credits: Papers and elements “Your Love is Like Chocolate” and one quick page by Heather Ann Designs.


Man has it been cold! We’ve had indoor recess all week. I don’t mind though, because it means I don’t have to bundle up like Nanook of the North to be outside for 3 recess duties! It looks like we could be in all week.

Latest news…Katie’s test results all came back negative, which is good, except it means we still don’t know what is wrong with her. One further test should be back in a week. Add to her current exhaustion PINK EYE! The poor kid, she is so tired of being sick. The only plus is that she had to stay home today – the RX for pink eye has to be in her system for 24 hours before she can go back to school. She went to bed at 10:30 last night and slept until 2:15 PM today! I just keep praying that the end is in sight for her; she has not felt well since she had bronchitis/pneumonia after Thanksgiving. Due to her constant exhaustion she is not going to do the One Voice Easter program. I had hoped she would, but I understand why she is not.

God is teaching me to really trust HIM when I don’t see what is happening. So many times I just ask for a glimpse or a clue. It doesn’t always give me the answers I want/need. I just have to remember HE is in control and wants what is best for me. I am glad HE is in control; not me.

It finally SNOWED!

Among other interesting things this week; it finally snowed last night. We got about 6 inches of wet snow. The roads were a mess, so Hilary and Andrew got in about 1-1/2 hours late on their bus. They didn’t care; they were just glad it was snowing. I was just glad to have them here.

I went to the One Voice Creative Team meeting this morning. It was a first for me. I was very glad they agreed to meet at 10 AM instead of 11 AM. It doesn’t take a chunk out of the middle of my day that way. Hooray! We seem to have a focus; so hopefully we’ll have some more on paper at our next meeting. I haven’t been involved in anything like this in awhile, so I am enjoying it.

I actually got to digiscrap today. I had started a few pages last week, but just couldn’t finish. I got them done today. YIPEE! I’ve posted them below.


Credits: Papers, Word Art and Embellishments – Chistmas Whimsy by Keri Schueller
Template: Ready Steady Scrap by Carole Neal