Monthly Archives: February 2009

Dump cake…

I spent 4 hours cleaning upstairs today.  Yes, a large portion of it was the girls bedrooms – I rarely go up there now that they are in college; however, the rooms needed some cleaning and I also rearranged 2 closets.  I baked a Red Velvet Pound Cake, Katie loves these, and had it ready to come out of the oven before supper.  My counter was jam packed with what I was working on for supper, (broccoli cheese soup and French Market sandwiches for Hilary and Andrew) so instead of taking the bundt pan and cookie sheet to a cooling rack, I decided to just pick up the bundt pan…as I was doing that to the silicone pan I thought to myself, I wonder if this is a good idea or if I’ll drop this pan….and within seconds I had dump cake!  Red Velvet Cake all over my clean floor!!! Andrew and John thought the 5 second rule was in place, but not me…so into the garbage it went and another one went into the oven after supper.  I just pulled it out and it made it to the cooling rack just fine.

I have enjoyed my week off from school, although I’d love a few more days at home to clean, organize and scrapbook.  Saturday and Sunday have things going on, but hopefully some rest and fun family time too.

I hope you are having a great Friday night!


Flown the coop – to Florida!

Yes, I am still around; I’ve just been preoccupied.  I “flew the coop” this morning and came to Florida to visit my Mom.  I’ll be back home late Wednesday.  In the meantime, John is home with the animals and I’m sure he is excited about the snow I hear is coming…

Enjoy your weekend!

It gets in your head…

So, this week I have had 3 songs stuck in my head…the sad part is I was only in the music class for 15 minutes and the songs have such “deep” meaning they won’t go away…things like the Austrian Yodeling Song:

Once an Austrian went yodeling  On a mountain so high When he met with an avalanche Interrupting his cry
Ho-li-ah Ho-le-rah-hi-hi-ah Ho-le-rah-cuckoo
(Rumble, rumble) Ho-li-ah Ho-le-rah-hi-hi-ah Ho-le-rah-cuckoo(Rumble, rumble)
Ho-li-ah Ho-le-rah-hi-hi-ah Ho-le-rah-cuckoo (Rumble, rumble)

You get the picture (reminds me of This is the Song That Never Ends…) Or “The Horse Went Around with his Foot off the ground…”.  The best one however is a take off on a Three Stooges song (only my husband would know that…)   B.A. Bay, B.E. Bee, B.I. Biddie Bi, B.O Bo, Biddie Bi Bo B.U. Bu Biddie Bi Bo Bu Bu. This is just a silly song, the words don’t mean a thing. Never mind the silly words, just open up and SING!  B.A. Bay, B.E. Bee, B.I. Biddie Bi, B.O. Bo, Biddle Bi Bo B.U. Bu Biddie Bi Bo Bu Bu!  Imagine THAT going through your head for 3 days!  I tried getting Casting Crowns or Robby Seay Band in there, but it just wouldn’t stick.

FINALLY, today in church we sang Matt Redman’s “You Never Let Go” (accompanied by the worship team at Elevation Church-thanks Linds) and I THINK the old songs are gone and this wonderful song, which is a fantastic reminder of God’s grace and love, has gotten stuck in my brain. This silly experience made me think about words, music, people and their influence on our minds.

Parents always want the right things in the minds of their children. I always told my girls that what they listened to would get in their heads…what they watched on TV/Movies would be forver embedded in their brains, even if they didn’t think it was there.  Who they hung out with would have an influence on them… My hope has always been that the things John and I taught them about what God wants for their lives, how they should live by what the Bible says; no matter what the cost…etc.etc.would stick as well…maybe I should have made up a song about those things…hmm…(maybe the Donut Man, VeggieTales and Solomon the SuperSonic Salamander helped out with that…)

This Bible verse kept coming to mind…” Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Prov. 4:23)