Dump cake…

I spent 4 hours cleaning upstairs today.  Yes, a large portion of it was the girls bedrooms – I rarely go up there now that they are in college; however, the rooms needed some cleaning and I also rearranged 2 closets.  I baked a Red Velvet Pound Cake, Katie loves these, and had it ready to come out of the oven before supper.  My counter was jam packed with what I was working on for supper, (broccoli cheese soup and French Market sandwiches for Hilary and Andrew) so instead of taking the bundt pan and cookie sheet to a cooling rack, I decided to just pick up the bundt pan…as I was doing that to the silicone pan I thought to myself, I wonder if this is a good idea or if I’ll drop this pan….and within seconds I had dump cake!  Red Velvet Cake all over my clean floor!!! Andrew and John thought the 5 second rule was in place, but not me…so into the garbage it went and another one went into the oven after supper.  I just pulled it out and it made it to the cooling rack just fine.

I have enjoyed my week off from school, although I’d love a few more days at home to clean, organize and scrapbook.  Saturday and Sunday have things going on, but hopefully some rest and fun family time too.

I hope you are having a great Friday night!


One thought on “Dump cake…

  1. Karen says:

    I bet the one on the floor tasted wonderful though!

    (I would have had to re-bake as well!)

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