Monthly Archives: May 2010

Odds and Ends…

  • Last week I discovered I have family in NH!! Sharon found me through Facebook and she lives 45 minutes south of here! The magic of Facebook! We hope to meet in the near future.
  • Hilary is home for a few days.
  • I have a LONG weekend!
  • I have been to the greenhouse :0)
  • I have my engagement ring back AND it actually looks correct, but it is not my diamond. The setting is now almost identical to what I had before; however, the jeweler who did the repair chipped my diamond before or after putting on the new head. That explains why there was no “sparkle” coming through it and no clarity.  The owner gave me my diamond back, but put a new diamond in my setting.  It is a much better outcome than I had expected – thanks to all who had prayed.
  • I will never be the “Ace of Cakes” or the “Cake Boss”.  I am not Johnnie Gabriel of Gabriel’s in Marietta, GA, BUT I am a woman who loves to bake for her family and here is the Fresh Strawberry Cake I made tonight from, Cooking in the South, by Johnnie Gabriel.  (Phone camera takes a lousy picture…)

Have a great weekend!

Lily Lover

It’s been a busy weekend, but John and I did manage to get some yard work done.  He is helping me rebuild a flower bed in the back of the house.  I am pretty good with vegetable gardening and am experimenting with flowers this year. My cousin, Kay Gregory, is a lily expert; I am just a novice.  The last color of lilies opened today and I was so pleased. Here, take a peek.

I am taking an online photography class, and am behind in taking photos, but here are a few of the other lilies.  I tried some different angles.

I like this shot the best.  I need to buy my other plants this week, and it should be warm enough to plant them.

I fully believe God cares about the minute details of ours lives, so I am asking you to pray with me about my engagement ring.  I took it a month ago to have it repaired.  I was told it would be ready in 1-1/2 weeks.  I went Friday, 4 weeks later, to get it and it just didn’t look right; it did not look the way my diamond had looked before.  I talked to the store owner about it, and he has sent it back to have it  “fixed”.  I will admit to being a bit anxious about it.  I know it is only a “thing”, but it has great value to me.  Please pray the it is returned this next week and it looks like it should.  Thanks.

In other news, I have 9 days left of school – woot- woot! I hope you have had a great weekend and that Monday brings you much joy.

Jehovah Jireh

The past few days I have been reminded of Jehovah Jireh – God, my Provider.  Here’s a quick list…

  • Rachel & David – their gift of blessing helped Hilary pay for the U-Haul she needed
  • John – who loaded up his truck here Friday PM and left early Saturday AM to head to Nashua with some of Hilary’s things and to drive the U-Haul once he arrived
  • Dave, Kenny and Derek Stock – who gave of their Saturday to help load and unload Hilary’s things
  • Kenny – who offered to go clean at Hilary’s old apartment so she could continue to unpack
  • Ken – from Grace Fellowship – who gave Hilary an entertainment center AND delivered it to her new apartment…he also told her about a place where she might get a table and chairs
  • Matt – who spent time putting together Rita’s bed and being an encouragement to the gang that was at the “Lake” house
  • Derek – who walked in and started hanging shower curtains and doing anything he could to help
  • I was thankful for God’s financial provision that allowed us to help with some of the little odds and ends needed for the apartment and that the girls were willing to let me help set up the kitchen
  • God – heard my inner thoughts about missing the texts messages I would get daily from Katie and had not received since she was in Europe – SURPRISE – she used Andrew’s ipod (and some kind of app) to send me text messages!  It brought tears to my eyes – and stars in Andrew’s crown ;0)
  • God – for creating the beauty of flowers and allowing me to enjoy some new lilies I have planted this year

It is SO easy to take God’s blessings and provisions for granted.  His hand was seen in so many things over the past few days and I was reminded of the song “Jehovah Jireh”.

Jehovah Jireh, My Provider, His grace is sufficient for me, for me, for me.

Jehovah Jireh, My Provider, His grace is sufficient for me.

My God shall supply all my needs, according to His riches in glory, He will give His angels charge over me.

Jehovah Jireh cares for me, for me, for me. Jehovah Jireh cares for me.

I pray HE is Jehovah Jireh for you.