Hallelujah! I can B-R-E-A-T-H-E again!!!

When we left our weary packer/mover/traveler she had just returned to NH to tie up lose ends with her daughter, Katie’s, dental implants; as well as sinus surgery for herself.  Here is the scoop:

  • Katie’s crowns went off without a hitch and she flew back to NC–>SC on 6/16.  The crowns were put in with temporary cement.  Unfortunately, on 6/18 one of them decided it didn’t like Katie’s mouth and popped off while she was eating salad and pasta!  Thankfully, new friends gave recommendations for dentists and the tooth situation was resolved on 6/20
  • Our packer/mover/traveler—turned patient survived her surgery with the help of an amazing Doctor and a very special OR nurse (aka Carolyn Small Plummer – LOVE YOU CAROLYN!!)
  • Saturday, however, the patient became VERY ill — NOT pretty at all and discovered that Percoset does not agree with her stomach
  • Sunday, the patient was MUCH better; although not back to her usual self; however, still in PJs, but showered
  • Monday, the patient had improved more and was once again clean, but this time in REAL clothes and got to try out her new-fangled “water-pick” as prescribed by her Doctor and shipped, with medication, from California—>just think water pick for the nose ;-P  (It actually made a huge difference, but is still kinds gross.)
  • Tuesday, a clean, contact-wearing patient spent 5 hours applying for jobs online and NO Nap!!
  • Wednesday, a clean, contact-wearing patient spent another 5 hours applying for jobs online – again no nap!
  • Thursday, where we now find our packer/mover/traveler/patient exhausted from very little sleep last night (anxious); however, MANY friends were praying and there was no pain with the splint removal and she was told she had been an excellent patient!  (She will have to return in 4-6 weeks for one more checkup.) WooHoo!! She can breathe and when she talks people can understand her – it’s a beautiful thing!  To celebrate, a 1/2 broccoli cheddar soup and a 1/2 bacon turkey bravo were ordered for lunch from Panera!  Once again the packer/mover/traveler/patient has been looking for and applying for jobs, but has decided she NEEDS a nap.

Tomorrow the packer/mover/traveler/patient will be transformed to the traveler/patient who will eventually be the UNpacker/patient.   [Hilary and Laura have been watching Dr. Who nonstop – thank you Netflix – so if she had a TARDIS she could get home quicker…guess US Air will have to do.]  Since she cannot lift anything heavy or have her head down too much for another week, SHE gets to tell everyone else what to do AND get away with it!!! There are some rewards to this surgery thing 😛

Thanks everyone for your support, love and prayers.  Some day there will be pictures of the house, but me thinks that there is a lot of work to do. It seems  storage is an issue and we still have too much “stuff”; so, it’s time to get creative…AND visit IKEA!!!

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