BRRRRRR – Part 2!

Once again we are in a deep freeze! It was -4 degrees and very windy when I went to school yesterday and 4 degrees when I came home. They said it was -30 with the windchill. This morning it was -15 degrees in the AM, but up to 20 degrees when I came home. Tomorrow is supposed to be below zero with windchill, but then we are supposed to warm up. We might even hit the 40’s on Sunday. That’ll feel like a heat wave! I really feel badly for John – he is out in this cold all day.

When I came home yesterday our telephone lines had snapped and there were wires laying all over the ground. Those wires had pulled the powerlines down into our trees. We kept power, but have had no phone since yesterday. The phone company wouldn’t come until the utility company fixed their lines. That was done today, so tomorrow we are supposed to get our phone back. It has been kind of nice with no telemarketers calling (I shouldn’t be getting those calls since we are supposed to be on the DO NOT CALL LIST…).

Katie’s school is hosting the NH Drama Festival this year – never done that before. Last night was the parents meeting. The Festival is 3/24 and it looks like Kate and I will be there from 6AM on to handle registration with a few other people. I hope they keep the coffee coming ;0). Tomorrow night is Arts Knight (yes, I spelled it right – the mascot is the “Knights”). The middle-high school chorus and band perform, plus all the art classes have displays. Kate told me that she has her own WALL for art! I am so excited to see it – hope to get a picture. Even though music is her passion, she is an excellent artist. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

Off to work on blocking ideas for the One Voice production. Blessings to all who read this.


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