Long Time No Post…

I can’t believe it has been a week since I last posted. There has been a lot going on around here. I’ve kept busy with One Voice several nights, Hilary home for Spring Break, Arts Knight(yes it is Knight – they are the Kingswood Knights), feeding 60 kids during the final week of drama rehearsal, working and…a bunch of other stuff.

It was good to have Hilary home for a few days. As many appointments as she had while she was home I really think she was home for “repairs”. She just left with John for CT. They’ll visit with John’s folks for the night and then John will drive her to meet Andrew, an hour away, then John will go back and spend the rest of Thursday with his folks and come home tomorrow night. I hope to get caught up on housework and sleep tonight. Speaking of sleep, Katie is back into the being tired mode – not a good thing for a High School Senior. Right now she is enjoying the pleasure of “Hamlet” and a big paper due on Friday. I remember those days…

Most of this post is going to be photos. I took a lot of pictures at Arts Knight, but will only post a few – Katie had an entire WALL of paintings, drawings, etc. The rest of the photos will be from the Tamworth Dog Sled Race. We managed to get there on Saturday and had a great time. 2 of the children from my school were there, so I got some photos of them trying the job of “musher”. They were so cute. I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope things slow down a bit here. Thanks for looking.

“Happy Feet” received Honorable Mention at the Plymouth Regional Art Festival

Backstage Theater Lights

You can tell Kate loves music and theater by her artwork.

She thinks she is short, so this is her favorite pair of dress shoes.
My Aunt Mary was a wonderful artist – Kate must get her talent from that side of the family. I think Aunt Mary would be SO proud of Kate’s work!

Izzy and Ruthie

Teams and Mushers coming through the Finish Line.

Hilary, Katie and John

It was a GREAT day!

2 thoughts on “Long Time No Post…

  1. Kann says:

    I never knew Katie was an artist! I love them! They are great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. KJ says:

    I love the artwork – especially the sunflower – what talent and how blessed you are to have such a talented daughter! Thanks for sharing!

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