She’s fine…and I can’t believe it is Wednesday!

I got the best news yesterday – Lindsey does not have multiple myeloma! God is so good!

I am so glad I have this week off of school. I had great plans, as usual, to do some fun things for me – like some digiscrapping. Well, it’s Wednesday and nothing is done yet…amazing how life gets in the way. Friday I found out I have a sinus infection so started on the whole antibiotic thing. I spent 2-1/2 hours Friday night and 5 hours Saturday at One Voice meetings. One Voice had flown in Frank Bowman to help us with set design, script completion and SOOO many things. Monday I just felt plain crudy…so didn’t accomplish much until about 8 PM when I finally had some life in me and cleaned downstairs including mopping the kitchen at 9 PM. Then I crashed again. Tuesday I met Dona Lynn for final script writing for about 4 hours. Praise God it is complete. Frank helped her with some blocking and lighting ideas. It feels great to have that BIG project done.

John got to have a real day off today! It was great having home. I finished taxes and lots of paperwork. We just hung around here; talked about what our future holds and drank LOTS of coffee. He is looking in so many directions – it would be great if God would give us a glimpse or clue as to what HE is up to. Right now we both feel clueless!! It’s great to know that when I am clueless God has the plan all worked out – it’s hard to not be anxious sometimes though.

No real plans for the rest of the week except to go to the ACAPELLA concert in Concord on Friday to see Hilary, Andrew and the gang. The week is going to be over way too soon! I hope to get some digiscrapping done tomorrow. We’ll see…

Even in the uncertainty about the future I can praise the Lord – He is in control!


One thought on “She’s fine…and I can’t believe it is Wednesday!

  1. Colleen says:

    excellent news!!

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