What a pain…

I started having pain in my left eye yesterday. I took out my contacts and within a few hours the eye was all gunky (sorry) and I had a horrible headache. I went to bed with an ice pack on my head, but got up at 2 AM to take my “hard” drugs and get a new ice pack. The eye was sealed shut this AM. I went to work, but called for a Doctors appointment. Thank you Lord that I was able to get in this afternoon. Diagnosis: eye and sinus infection! No contacts for 5 days – using eye drops and taking antibiotic. I’d stay home in bed tomorrow to rest, but the 6 campers come home tomorrow AM and will be here all day! I’ll get more rest at school…Well, off to bed with another ice pack.


3 thoughts on “What a pain…

  1. Lindsey says:

    Hey! What’s your medication?! Bet I had it at least once last year!

  2. Aunt Melodie says:

    Sorry to hear about this, but glad you got such a quick appointment.

  3. karenpelletier says:

    Good thing you got right into the doc! Good drugs and some rest sound wonderful to me!

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