A Moving Experience…

This morning we took 4th-6th graders to the Moving Wall which is at Constitution Park in our town for the weekend. The kids were amazingly respectful…well…most of the kids. As I walked past the panels it was overwhelming. I remember watching names of those killed in Vietnam scrolling across the screen after the evening news. Visiting the “Wall” makes this Memorial Day more meaningful. Make sure you thank a Veteran this weekend.

Hilary is home until Sunday. She has really enjoyed the first week of her internship. Katie has college friends coming in tomorrow night. They are going camping Sunday-Tuesday and then everyone heads back to their homes on Wednesday. Katie had to work tonight and said in Wolfeboro so she can go to Alex’s graduation tomorrow morning. I spent tonight cooking and trying to get as many things done as I could ahead of time and finally sat down at 9:30 PM. John feel asleep on the couch after supper and Hilary has been crashed on the couch with her Mac in her lap. I hope y’all had a great day!


One thought on “A Moving Experience…

  1. I just found this blog while doing research. As a member of the executive committee of the “Moving Wall Of Ossipee” and a tour guide to several school groups, I was very impressed with the demeanor of all the children who came to the wall on that Friday. In the area of the wall they were very solemn and quiet, asking some very thought provoking questions. It was my pleasure to be a vet, and volunteer for this worthwhile program. It was the first time since I got out of the service in 1988 I was able to bring myself to wear all my ribbons.

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