We didn’t hear anything from the family today, so I called one of John’s brothers around 4 PM. He and his wife were out, but our nephew told me Marge was home and fine. I am so glad the family bothered to keep us informed…John’s Dad finally called about 9 PM…The stress test was fine, so it was not her heart…Thanks for all the prayers.

One thought on “Update…

  1. fantacy says:

    ok can we say “bad blog friend”?! just know that you are always in my prayers each and every day!….I feel so bad that I have not commented lately and am just now getting caught up on the blog so here in one big “breath” let me say…..
    OMGosh girl, no pics?! what is up with that?! but i am glad you had a great time, but am also glad you are headed back…wow sounds like you were a cleaning maniac! and the pic of the mountain is GORGEOUS so happy to hear that John’s mom was released home and I am sure your gals miss ya too!…great reference to how our lives here on this earth are much like the river that flows behind your place! i love the illustration about the garbage, we all have to deal with cleaning up our (and other people’s) garbage, but what a glorious feeling it is when it is gone! and woo hoo about the bagS (pics, pics, pics!!!)…ugh about the sump pump, but hey at least you had nice warm boots to get wet (trying to be super chipper here lol) and i love love love your desktop calendar! I love the contrasting bright colors against the black!!! cute stuff girl!…hahaha i love the 3rd or 4th pic of hilary hahahaha, she seems like she would be a nonstop blast to be around 😀 I am happy to hear they got in ok!…praying your headache has finally alleviated! and what great shots of the falls and family!!! um but where is momma in all those?! a pic of you from time to time would be fabulous (i know of 2 that you have posted, but hey we want to see you too!!!)…praying so much for John’s mom 😦 and i love the pics of both mommas! your momma and her furbaby are just too lovely and john’s momma is lovely and seems to be saying “whatevah” and looking a bit yiddish hahaha….and i am so sorry the family didn’t think to call, maybe they each thought someone else would so they didn’t think to? I am happy she is home, but will continue to pray for her and for all of you who obviously love her dearly!
    HUGS my dear precious friend! we are going to rock this weight journey (i have started mine, and maybe we can bounce ideas off of each other…i will let you know when i get the blog up about it!)
    love in Christ!

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