Home Alone…sort of…

Well, all college kids are gone and at their own homes…just our Katie here today. Hilary will be home tomorrow for some auto repair on Monday. Today was the workday at the church – I provided lunch. It was also Kingswoodstock. Katie and Johnny (Gallazelli) sang 4 songs. They did not win, but they got a lot of positive feedback from the judges. Here are some horrible photos – there were two light motion machines going and it really messed with my camera. It looks like they are part of a comic book.

I also have a photo of Lindsey. This was on her blog with the following quotes from some of the kids at her school. Lindsey is on the far right.

“What are you? Tooth fairies?”

“Look! It’s the Spanish princesses!”

“Who are you? The Queen of Spain?”

OK – so the only picture I have of/from Hilary today actually came from Andrew. He is now in D.C. and knows how much she loves this…so he sent the photo to torture her…nice guy…(PS added 6/1…decided I should explain for those not from the South…Cheerwine is non-alcoholic…like a soda, pop, Coke, whatever you call it where you live…also Cheerwine is typically only found in North Carolina…Andrew somehow found some in Virginia, near his apartment…)

Enough with the photos. I did some cleaning now that the kids are gone. I am still having eye and medicine issues. I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and an adverse reaction to the eye drops. I spoke to the Doctor on call who said stop using/taking them and to take Benadryl and Visine A.C. and call my Doctor on Monday. I did that and the Visine felt like acid on my tear ducts…so…I won’t do that again. Hopefully they will squeeze me in at the Doctors on Monday. Until then I have red, swollen eyes…and nice THICK glasses!!!

Hope you had a great day – tomorrow is a big, busy day for us…

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