Today has been very productive…besides the typical “gotta do it on Saturday” stuff…I finished a big project of going through a file cabinet and desk and weeding, pitching and shredding papers.  It feels good to have the big job done.

In the middle of my mess I came across a document, a letter.  I’m not sure why I kept this particular letter where it was…amidst the envelopes of things that I need to “follow up” on…I’m not sure why I kept the letter at all…it would just pop out when I would pull the stack of papers from the desk and”follow up” on things…as a reminder.  This letter, when it was written, closed a door to life as I had known it, and opened a door to a life full of uncertainty for me and my family.  Every time the letter appeared, I was surprised…not by its contents, but by the journey God has taken me through since I first read the letter.  Every time I read it, I would fold it up and place it back with the stack ot papers…hidden in the desk.

I found that letter again today and I reread it.  I read it a second time and then….I sent it through the shredder, just like I had done with so many documents that day that were filled with personal information.  It felt good to shred that paper…not that it could hurt me anymore, but because I could see the opportunities and blessings God had placed at my feet since that letter.  I took the top off the shredder to empty it and discover that the letter had become confetti…and confetti reminds me of celebrations…so today I celebrated the life journey God has taken me on and is taking me on…bumps, valleys, mountains and floods…I hope you are celebrating your life too.



One thought on “Shredded…

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Shredding is a good idea with the junk that pulls us down.

    I’m sure that it is a blessing to your heart to turn that pain into a party.

    I’m proud to call you my friend!

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