16 inches and counting!


I added this after I wrote the post…somewhere under the blanket it my Subaru Outback!

Today was a SNOW DAY!  The prediction was 12-20 inches of snow…it started about 9 AM and is still snowing at 8 PM.  John did get to work until about 3 PM, so that was good.  I woke up with a headache, so was glad to be home.  I have done some digiscrapping and that was my goal.

Since I haven’t posted in a bit here is the short version of the past week or so.  We had friends in for southern pulled pork BBQ on 1/18 and that was wonderful.  The work week was great for me, but LONG for John.  In the past 2 weeks he has put in almost 120 hours delivering propane PLUS doing the church.  This is a horrible time of year for him.  He comes home, eats and falls asleep.  Last Saturday we went snowshoeing around Pudding Pond in Conway.  It was wonderful to get out and do that.  I paid off my car, 2-1/2 years early!! Sunday we went to Kittery Trading Post after church and picked up some warm winter clothes on sale and met our friends Steve and Pam in Portsmouth for an early supper at Texas Roadhouse.  We went back to their house for a bit and then headed to Concord to pick up Hilary who had been in Vermont with friends.  She stayed with us until Tuesday afternoon when she headed back to ENC (thanks for the ride Kenny) to begin her LAST semester as a college student!  So that’s it, nothing earth shattering.

I am enjoying the things God is teaching me through renewed relationships with friends and family found on Facebook, as well as the written wisdom of my husband and oldest daughter on their blogs.  I still wonder what God has in store…but am learning to be content and enjoy the journey.  Here are a few pictures  (sorry Linds, no new ones of you).


Yeah – they are cute…


Her graphic design skills coming out (hmmm…reminds me of digiscrapping)


Katie and her roomie, Jess, in the snow outside of Philly.



One thought on “16 inches and counting!

  1. Wow, Nelly! I thought we had a lot of snow!

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