And there is MORE – abundance…

Well, my locket arrived a few weeks ago and I love it. It is now part of my header.


It has been a month of more. There are so many things God is doing in my life right now and I am grateful. He has blessed beyond measure and I am thankful.  When I prayed for MORE and claimed that verse, I also knew it could mean more of “unexpected” things.  I have been dealing with a few “surprise” health issues this last month, yet, through it all I know HE is in control.  I have been reminded of one Mark Lowry video we have.  He talks about Christ coming to give life more abundantly(John 10:10)…

but then he goes on to talk about the verse, “And it came to pass…” and says, “It didn’t come to stay…it came to pass.”.  That’s where I’m at  right now.  God’s question to me has been, “Do you trust me?” and knowing that I do; I have had peace.  I do have surgery scheduled for 3/25 and will be out of work for about a week, but hey…it came to pass…  In the meantime, I have seen God work and show me things in new ways and I have seen my heart changed in areas in the last few months.  I was at a prayer breakfast at Hilary’s church Saturday and one of the women prayed for me and said, “God, just remind Joy that all of this is just a distraction.”  I loved that – that is exactly what it is, so my focus needs to remain on Him.

How are things for you today? Great/abundant? Praise God! OR are you struggling?  Just remember – life will be abundant, but the down times have also “come…to pass: 🙂  Know that HE loves you and is in control.


4 thoughts on “And there is MORE – abundance…

  1. Caffeinated Impressions says:

    I believe you mean Mark Lowry. Not Mary Lowry. 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    Praying for you, Joy!!! This, indeed, will pass!! Believing God on your behalf!!

  3. Ann Mozingo says:

    Hope your surgery goes well. What type problem are you having? I hope the trip wasn’t too stressful for the both of you.

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