We are having a wonderful time in the Blue Ridge.  We have gone to our favorite places, played games, eaten foods we can only get here and just enjoyed being together.  God is good.  Katie went home yesterday and John’s niece, Erin, arrived the same day.  John has been plagued with headaches, but today seemed to be a much better day…he has been back to his silly self.  Pippin, our dog, did not fair well at the kennel.  We have never left him longer than a few days (I don’t like to do it at all, but sometimes it is necessary).  Katie has had him to the vet and he is on 3 different medicines – the poor baby.  Hopefully, he will begin feeling better in a few days.

We have been blessed to visit with several friends since we got here last week.  We ate supper with the White’s in Boone last weekend and it was great to have time together.  We knew Paul and Linda Dean were in the area and missed their stop at the house on Sunday. Lo and behold, we ran in to Paul on Main Street in Blowing Rock!!! We also got to see Linda, of course.  It was short, but wonderful to see them.  After we dropped off Katie we made a few stops in Union County – the place we both call “home”.  These friends are more than friends, they are “family”.  Any time we stop to visit (which is maybe once a year) it is as if we never moved away.  They have no idea what a blessing and encouragement they were – God is good.

John finally got to go golfing today – I have offered to drive a golf cart for him sometime ;0).  I am hoping we can find a short hike we can all take together.  It feels good to be “home”, even for a short time.  Unfortunately, my Mom is not going to be able to join us at all while we are here, but thankfully she is beginning to feel better.

I know this has been a ramble – I am just so thankful for God’s blessings – especially the blessing of family and friends.  Enjoy your week!


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