31 Years as Mrs. Gallagher!

I am so thankful for God’s blessing in choosing John as my husband.  31 years ago we said the richer/poorer, sickness/health, better/worse vows and had NO idea what a ride we were in for.  Through it all God has been right there; guiding, protecting, directing, loving.  John and I got to spend the day together.  I told him 31 years ago he got me and this year he got this…

He told me he had kept me longer than any car – to which I replied maybe I had kept him ;0).

After we got the Jeep (named after his favorite movie – “The Patriot”), he humored me and we headed to Sugar Hill to the Lupine Festival.  For 8 years I have seen this advertised on TV and it seemed to be a big deal, so I wanted to go take a look. I had visions of fields of lupine like I remembered on the road from Camp NOMACCA in Maine to Presque Isle.  Let’s just say there are more lupine in one place at an intersection 3 miles from my house.  I did get a few shots, we had a great time on our “explore” of the northwest section of NH, test driving the new car and later a nice supper at Johnson’s in New Durham.

I used the tripod to try and get a picture of us – John looks wonderful in all of them, but I am partially cut off in my favorite one. Oh well…here we are.

I hope you have had a blessed day – I know I have.


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