Lily Lover

It’s been a busy weekend, but John and I did manage to get some yard work done.  He is helping me rebuild a flower bed in the back of the house.  I am pretty good with vegetable gardening and am experimenting with flowers this year. My cousin, Kay Gregory, is a lily expert; I am just a novice.  The last color of lilies opened today and I was so pleased. Here, take a peek.

I am taking an online photography class, and am behind in taking photos, but here are a few of the other lilies.  I tried some different angles.

I like this shot the best.  I need to buy my other plants this week, and it should be warm enough to plant them.

I fully believe God cares about the minute details of ours lives, so I am asking you to pray with me about my engagement ring.  I took it a month ago to have it repaired.  I was told it would be ready in 1-1/2 weeks.  I went Friday, 4 weeks later, to get it and it just didn’t look right; it did not look the way my diamond had looked before.  I talked to the store owner about it, and he has sent it back to have it  “fixed”.  I will admit to being a bit anxious about it.  I know it is only a “thing”, but it has great value to me.  Please pray the it is returned this next week and it looks like it should.  Thanks.

In other news, I have 9 days left of school – woot- woot! I hope you have had a great weekend and that Monday brings you much joy.


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