Peaceful – Resting in Him.

God has blessed me and my family in many ways over the past few weeks.  Katie and Lindsey got to spend 4 days together in NC over Easter. Hilary has found a new apartment with friends and some leads on full-time work compared to two part-time jobs.  Katie is in the final stretch of the semester and will head to Europe in 3 weeks.  Lindsey is in her final leg of her 3rd year teaching.  John has been able to spend 5 days with his family in CT and I have a contract for next year at school.

God has been teaching me to wait on Him and listen to His voice.  Last weekend I had Dustin on my mind, so I started praying for him.  On Monday, as I headed to work, I called John using my hands-free bluetooth (which I love and my daughters hate).  When it said, “Please say a command”, I said, “Call John”.  The next thing it said was, “Did you say call Dustin Buchanan?”!!! WHAT?!? Those names aren’t even close!  So, I knew I was to keep praying for Dustin.  I called him the next day to let him know and it was so good to talk with him.  Do you remember my post about the email I received?  See, I learned and remember to pass along the blessing of praying for someone else.

Later tonight we will celebrate my father-in-laws 79th birthday with all of John’s family.  That is another blessing.  Today has been a day to just “hang out” and relax – I guess God knew I needed that.  I actually spent some time playing with photos in PSE 6.  I don’t usually allow myself the “luxury” of playing with photos (you know – too much scrapbooking to get caught up on to learn something new…).  Here are a few photos I applied light and/or texture to; I like the effects.

Enjoy your weekend and rest in the loving peace Jesus gives.

One thought on “Peaceful – Resting in Him.

  1. Lindsey says:

    Fourth year of teaching. 🙂

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