Daily Archives: February 25, 2010

Trip to Florida – lots of photos…

This is February vacation for our school district; I try to go see Mom each year for a few days.  I left Saturday and returned Wednesday courtest of Jet Blue (which I have come to love as an airline).  It was good to just relax and visit with Mom.  We made a day trip to the Museum of Natural History in Gainesville to see the Florida Quilt Exhibit (100 quilts) and also went to the Butterfly Rainforest.  The last night I was there they had a Mardi Gras Celebration/Banquet in the Phillips Center; there was New Orleans food and entertainment.  I made it home through rain – to sleet – to snow.  Katie left PA last night because another snow storm was headed that way and she didn’t want to be stuck in PA during her break. She got in around 6 AM and will be here until next Sunday.  We have had rain – sleet – freezing rain – snow all day. Yuck!

Here are some pictures from the Quilt Exhibit.

This was my favorite quilt.

While we were there they came out to release some more butterflies.

Camelia in Mom’s back yard.

My Mom – or is she my sister? Evidently this is what the “aging” population thinks. ;0)

And this is what it looks like outside my window today…

I hope you are having a great week!