This has been a BUSY week.  Monday John and I went to Alton to hear the Eastern University Choir and see Katie and friends.  It was a nice concert and then we went to visit with the Schaeffner’s for ice cream and coffee.  Katie stayed at their house that night. Tuesday there was Cinderella rehearsal after school and then I headed to Andover, MA for another Eastern U. Concert.  Again, they did a nice job.  After the concert I whisked Katie away (the choir was continuing back to PA) and we headed home – getting back at 12:30 AM Wednesday.  Wednesday after school, rehearsal, Weight Watchers and a Quarterly Church meeting I got home and went to bed – very tired.  Thursday Katie cleaned house while I was at school.  We did the school performance of Cinderella in the afternoon and the kids were amazing.  This is the first play the school has done in MANY years.  I grabbed ice coffee for the adults (thank you The Moose is Loose) and headed back to add more finishing touches for the final performance at 6 PM.  We had a packed house and Katie and Alex came to watch.  Once again the kids did a fantastic job.  The Director was amazing – she did sets and costumes as well!  After helping with cleanup I drove to Portland to get Mom and Lindsey who arrived at 8:45 PM.  After grabbing some grub for the road (thank you Tim Horton’s) we got home about 10:30 PM.

I had taken today off so I could spend time with everyone…John had to work.  We had a leisurely morning, took Katie to the Doctor (sinus infection and bronchitis), headed to Alton Bay so Mom and Lindsey could survey the aftermath of the fire, then headed to Johnson’s Dairy Bar and Restaurant for lunch.  Mom got the seafood she wanted and we all had a lovely lunch.  The power went out as they were bringing us our food and stayed out for about 35 minutes – timed that just right  We headed back home and Lindsey taught my Mom how to Wii Bowl.  I’m sure pictures or video will show up some time.  I have a lasagna ready and in the refrig for Sunday dinner and cookies made for a picnic lunch tomorrow.  I had picked up a few ribeyes (thank you Johnson’s Meat Market) and grilled them with some squash and onions for supper.  John and Katie worked their way through some HUGE whoopie pies (thanks to Johnson’s) and they still have a LONG way to go to finish them.

Tomorrow is the culmination of many years of HARD work for Hilary – she graduates from Eastern Nazarene College.  We are SO proud of her!  Also, this week she called to say she had gotten a 4.0 for second semester!!!  John will leave early to get her stuff packed up and the rest of us will be there for a picnic lunch.  John’s family is coming from RI and CT for the ceremony and then we will all go out to eat.  It will be a long, fun, exciting day!

I am so thankful for my family and glad Mom and Lindsey can be here.  God has blessed me and John with three wonderful girls and it is always fun to have them together.  And with that I leave you with the magic of family…Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

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