God’s Superglue…

Last week was Spring Break for my school.  I flew to PA Friday night and after a LONG detour made it to my hotel in King of Prussia and then headed to Eastern University to see Katie.  I made it to McGinnis Audi right before the choir was to go in and sing (after 9 PM!!!).  They did a great job and then I went with Katie, and some of her friends and their families to Minellas for a late supper (like 11 PM late – I can’t do these college hours anymore).

Saturday was spent piddling around Wayne, returning my rental car, taking Katie’s “gang” to lunch at the Cream and Sugar and then heading to King of Prussia Mall with Katie.  That’s the only mall I know of where you need/and receive a road map!  We went back to my hotel room and just talked and laughed and chilled.  It was great to have that time with her.  I was especially amused when she talked about how she and Jess could pick out the college kids who had parents who didn’t discipline them and how glad she and Jess were that their parents have taught them responsibility and given them disciple.  When I reminded her that she hadn’t always felt that way she said, “Mom, I’m an adult know – you see things differently…”  (Psst – Karen – there will come a day…when the kids DO get it!)

Sunday morning I drove Katie’s car to CT to meet John at his folks (long story as to why I took the car – and NO she was not in trouble…).  It was in the 90’s when I got there!!  Monday night we had John’s brothers and their families over to celebrate his parents anniversary (54 years).  It was good to visit with everyone.  I can’t believe I didn’t take ANY pictures (of course I WAS busy cooking).  We headed home Tuesday afternoon and it was still in the 90’s when we got home.

The rest of the week was spent with house and yard work, plus some shopping (clothes and groceries).  Since I have lost so much weight none of my spring/summer clothes fit right, so I was thrilled to buy $300+ of clothes for about $100 at Kohl’s (hooray for sales and 15% coupons!).  Thursday night I went to see PerformIt (Lakes Region Young People’s Theater) do “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  They were amazing!!!  Saturday I did a Lowe’s run for John, worked in the yard and then National Day of Prayer rehearsal in Meredith.  Today we were happy to see our friend Marla and her new husband, Rick, in church.  God has blessed them both.  John took me out for lunch and then a short drive this afternoon, then he went fishing.  My plan of TWO full days of digiscrapping ended up being about two HOURS, but at least I got something done.

I was talking with a friend online tonight about how God has healed both of our lives and even our relationship with each other.  We each have things from our past that devastated our lives, but God is so good and has restored above and beyond our wildest imagination.  We were talking about how we sometimes get teary as things from the past resurface, but that it is great that when our cracked “life-jars” leak God has the best superglue.  He is truly an amazing, loving Father.  He has blessed me and my family beyond what we deserve, for that, and many other things, I praise Him.  I hope you can praise Him tonight too.

Tomorrow it is back to school.  I have missed my kids – I LOVE my job!  Here are some pictures the girls have had on Facebook this week – they are SO goofy!


Hilary was playing with a picture of Katie and Alex for an assignment for a college class.  It is almost 100% Photoshop-ed.  If the President had done the Photoshop thing for his photoshoot flyover it would have been a LOT cheaper…say, maybe there’s a job for Hilary when she graduates in a few weeks!


I guess Katie was ready to “hide” to try and escape her finals…


A picture Lindsey took of herself at Jetton Park near Lake Norman…


One thought on “God’s Superglue…

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Joy – THANKS for the promise that they will GET IT one day. This battle is definately worth fighting to the end.


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