What a Day!

It was a long week with all of the One Voice rehearsals, but it was well worth it.  God used those of us involved to share his love with 1000+ people in the Lakes Region of NH!

We got up early this morning to go to the sunrise service on top of Ossipee Mountain – it is ALWAYS cold and windy up there, so the service is always brief.  We enjoyed breakfast at the church followed by the morning service where 4 people were baptized. We had Easter dinner around 2 PM with a wonderful honey baked ham.

Late this afternoon we got word via Fox news that Captain Phillips had been rescued from the pirates.  He is the brother of my friend, Dawn, and we had been praying for all of them.  We also got news that Alton Bay Christian Conference Center is currently on fire and many cottages have been destroyed; including one we used to stay in owned by our friends, the Kofstads.  It is so sad.  Current photos are available here.

Hilary and Katie leave tomorrow.  It has been good to have them home for a few days.  I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Hallelujah! He is risen!!!


2 thoughts on “What a Day!

  1. Linda P says:

    Hello Joy,

    I’ve been quietly following your blog for a few months now. It is nice to see what is happening and how the girls have grown since we last saw you in Northern Maine.

    I’m so happy for Dawn and her whole family. We too had been following the ordeal, and yesterday, as Amber was preparing our Easter dinner, I found the news online that Capt. Phillips had been rescued. I read the online article to the family, and we all were very happy and thankful to hear the news. I was surprised to find you had a connection to the family. It just proves how small a world we really live in.

    Happy to hear that the sunrise service went so well too. We ended up babysitting someone’s lost German Shorthaired pointer and moving our Easter celebration from our house to Amber’s due to a power outage. But, otherwise we were all celebratory and as thankful as the resurrection should make us!!

    I will go back to just quietly watching now. Blessings to you John and the girls.

    Jay, Linda and the kids

  2. prov33 says:

    I posted about the fire on my blog if you’d like to check it out.


    God bless!

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