Wii and Mii and Me!

So, we had  no school today due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday – although in NH they call it “Civil Rights Day”.  I have spent the day doing laundry, paying bills, digiscrapping and Wii Fit.  Whoever thought of this machine/game/device is a genius! I actually enjoy exercising – it makes it like a game (and of course I am thrilled when some of my scores are higher than John’s).  The kids and their friends have made “mii” characters on our system, so as I am “playing” the kids “cheer” me on…I’ll find myself saying, “Oh, there’s Tommy or Jess or Jason…”.  The biggest thing I have learned from my “trainer” is how weak the leg I broke and my wrists are from various injuries.  I can’t do push-ups or side planks…although I did try.  Maybe I’ll try again someday, but not for awhile.  Anyway, for all those other Wii Fit enthusiasts – GO TEAM!  Here are the pages I scrapped for Christmas 2008.



The paper is from Retrodiva ‘Tis the Season and I can’t find where the Tree template came from – simple layout but sufficient.


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