A Father’s Love…

About 18 years ago I attempted a Gingerbread House for the girls.  I started it when they went to bed and was still working on it at 1:30 AM the next day. John was my cheerleader.  I put the finishing touches on, took a picture and…the roof collapsed beyond repair…SO…John and I made coffee, stayed up and ate the evidence.  The girls never knew I had tried to make one…until a few weeks ago when I picked up a Gingerbread House Kit.  We did not get it made before Christmas, but Katie really wanted to make it today.  John worked 13-1/2 hours yesterday and is on call this week, so was out for 8-1/2 hours today.  He came home at 3 PM and Katie had him making a Gingerbread House at 3:30 PM – that is a father’s love.  It made me think about God’s love for us…He never gets too tired to hear from us, think about us, be there for us…I am so glad God is such a loving Father…

Here are a few pictures.  Isaac White made a great Gingerbread House before Christmas.  John and Katie’s is made with love and Katie said of theirs, “It is fine art Mom, it is subjective…”


John said this next one was a candidate for Extreme Home Makeover Gingerbread House Edition – it sure tasted good!



One thought on “A Father’s Love…

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Isaac will be thrilled to see his name on the web… I can’t wait to show him! He too made it with his father. BUT I am continually amazed at Isaac’s love for his Heavenly Father.

    I don’t remember if I told you, but after the Drive Thru, he was exhausted and asked me, “How many hearts do we have mom?” I said, “Just one.” He paused and said, “That is a bummer mom.” I had to ask why and he explained, “I wish that I had 1000 hearts mom, so I could ask Jesus into every single one of them.”

    He also approached Pastor Dave and asked him if he would help him to get some “preacher skills” when he turns 16. Dave told him, “Of course.” He asked Dave this last weekend if the “preacher had to live right next to the church so he could get there on time.” At this point he either wants to be a preacher or a custodian. I love that boy!

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