A Heavy Heart…

Christmas Eve our friends, Amy and George, and their family were in an automobile accident.  All family members were fine, except for Grammy.  John and I went to the hospital that night and discovered that Grammy had broken the C6 in her neck and her health indicated other complications.  We talked to them Friday and Grammy was heavily medicated.  We stopped by the hospital tonight, on our way home from CT, as George and Amy were leaving.  Grammy passed away this afternoon. Grammy has lived with Amy and George for the last 3 years – she was Amy’s sidekick.  Grammy (Barbara) could not speak or move much more than her head and arms, but Grammy was joyful.  Grammy fully understood all that was going on around her and would give hugs, thumbs up and the most beautiful sounds of joy that I have ever heard.  Amy took Grammy everywhere.  The One Voice family was blessed to have Grammy at all of our rehearsals and we’d even hear her beautiful “music” sometimes.  I loved Grammy – she was full of life and joy in her frail body.  I will miss her smile and heart.  The whole family is “family” to me – my heart aches for them in their time of loss.  The joy comes in knowing that we will see Grammy again when Jesus returns!


I took this at the Elfin Fair 12/5/08.


I will miss your smile and your “thumbs up”!


One thought on “A Heavy Heart…

  1. Kristin says:

    Since I was only at the last few weeks of practices I didn’t know her like the rest of the One Voice’ers do, but from what I observed it is apparent that she was very much loved by her family and will be greatly missed. I was so sad to hear the news of the accident and ultimately her death. I don’t know the family very well..but please let them know that we are thinking and praying for them during this time of mourning. Amy will likely remember me as “the sound guys wife..the one with all the kids”. Please send along our condolences.


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