Merry Christmas Everyone!

We did our traditional pizza and “White Christmas” last night (with a detour to the hospital to check on a friend who was seriously injured in an auto accident).  The girls sang all of the songs as they came on the movie.  Katie’s comment was, “Of course I know these songs – I’ve been listening to them for 19 years!”  After the movie we opened stockings.   This morning was presents and Breakfast Casserole.  The most memorable gifts were Insignia mini-camcorder for Lindsey (requested for use at school – such a devoted teacher…), Bamboo Fun for Hilary and Katie (I think I have created monsters with some of the things they have done to photos today), Powerblocks for John and a surprise of Canon FS100 camcorder for me!  John knows the way to my high-tech heart!

We spent the afternoon playing with our new “toys” and having a late lunch.  It is so nice to have all 3 girls here!  I wish the rest of the family was here – I’ve had Christmas with my family once in the last 12 years! It really stinks, but for right now it can’t be changed…maybe someday…soon I hope!

I pray you have had a wonderful time with friends and family.  Here are a few photos for your enjoyment.


This was our tree on Christmas Eve.  We have some ornaments that always go on the tree…I saw this one on Hilary’s Facebook with a note that says…”He is always with us at Christmas…” it made me cry…happy/sad tears…


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