Interesting Day…

We have a “refrigerator wanna-be” in our kitchen.  It was here when we moved into the house 6+ years ago and is about 3/4 the size a refrigerator should be.  We were given a used one about 3 years ago – it will not fit in our kitchen, but has resided in the laundry room where we fill it with all kinds of goodies that won’t fit in the “mini-refrig”.  When we came home from church yesterday the “grown-up” refrigerator had stopped working.  We knew it was on it’s way out (lots of LOUD noises) and is not worth repairing.  Unfortunately, we had to throw out almost everything in the freezer and refrigerator.  We salvaged what we could and then made spinach squares, sausage balls and little smokies in the crockpot and then froze the cooked food, except for the spinach squares…Yum!

It began snowing heavily during church and John had done one time of snowblowing by 4 PM.  Lindsey’s plane was still scheduled to land in Portland Sunday PM.  The original plan was that ALL of us would go; however, in case her plane was delayed etc., we decided I would be the one to go.  I left around 4:30 PM so that I could pick up a few things once in Portland.  My normally one hour trip took two hours.  The roads were fairly clear until I got to Portland.  I pulled into the A.C. Moore to pick up something for Katie and Lindsey called to say her flight had been cancelled.  I had brought a few things in case I needed to stay in a hotel so I wasn’t too stressed until she called back and said that all flights to Portland were booked, but they could get her in TUESDAY NIGHT!!!  Crazy!  They offered to put her on a plane to Boston that night, so I told her to take it and then call me and I’d give her C & J Bus Line information to get her to Portsmouth.  It was now 7 PM.  Instead of going home for a few hours and then heading to Portsmouth I decided to just go from Portland to Portsmouth and wait at C & J for a few hours.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I grabbed a wonderful Peppermint Mocha Latte from Starbucks and headed South on I-95.  The road was HORRIBLE and visibility was pretty much 0%.   I went at a snails pace and did OK, even though it was stressful.  Crazy people were passing me going 45 mph (I was doing about 25 mph) and I would see them further up the road stuck in a snowbank…hmmm. It reminded me of the time we drove from Lenox, MA to Deroit, MI across the Trans-Canada Highway in a blizzard.  Dad had been speaking at Berkshire, but had to get back to preach on Sunday at the church in MI.  I remember Melodie and I laying down in the backseat trying not to look out the front window because it was scarey not being able to see anything but white.   Once I got to Wells the snow let up and the roads were better,  It took me almost 2 hours to get to Portsmouth.  I got something to eat and went to C & J.  The snow eventually stopped and the wind picked up and was swirling snow everywhere.  Lindsey’s flight was delayed several more times, but she eventually landed in Boston around 11:30 PM and took the 12:10am bus to Portsmouth.  The roads were bad, so the bus did not get in until about 2:45 AM.  We arrived home at 4:00 AM – about the time John was getting up for work.  It was a LONG day/night and an adventure I would rather not repeat, but we made it home.  We are both a little beat today, but have gotten a few things done in preparation for Christmas.  Hilary taught Lindsey how to use Guitar Hero.  I took this photo with my phone…it isn’t great, but I like the way the lights on the tree look.  I hope you have had a wonderful day and that is is NOT snowing where you are.  We are expecting more snow Christmas Eve – we got 2 feet in 2 days…



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